WOKE TRASH NOGwarts Legacy is Transphobic According to Brianna Wu
24 January 2023
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Does this fucking cunt ever seem to shut his mouth?

Short answer? No. Brianna Wu is another generic “wahmeen” who gained notoriety thanks to gamergate, these days HE spends his time bitching on Twitter about the evil racist Elon Muskstein.

EDIT: It would seem I’ve been corrected, to discover that Brianna Wu is in fact a tranny faggot himself, that will teach me to not look at his ugly mug before actually posting this. Apologies.

Previously however HE had his five minutes of fame by pretending to be a helpless victimized female developer, earning money from stupid simp supporters by bloating and conflating about his life situation, proclaiming game developers to be a fraternity of men who mistreat women, proclaiming to be the victim of misogyny and the like.

Needless to say, HE’s a fucking nobody, barely even qualified to be called a game developer in the first place, but HE’s a woman so of course we must believe ITS every single world. Men are disgusting vile pigs who hate women, the gaming industry is sexist.

Anyways, Brianna has once again opened his mouth leading a lynch mob campaign against Hogwarts Legacy of all things as being “transphobic”, shunning gamers for not caring about trans rights enough to support his idiocy.

Hogwarts Legacy, originally revealed back in 2020 releases sometime in the near future, this decrepit pile of shit aims to take the Harry Potter franchise and mold it into an unrecognizable WOKE adaptation.

It features plenty of inclusive brown characters, the entire story and setting seems half-arsed as you play as a late transfer student experiencing their fifth year at the esteemed Wizarding educational institution and that’s basically it.

There’s plenty of niggers, gooks and various other forms of inclusive racial mixing creatures, the customization aspect allows you to create your ideal mutt in great detail.

Harry Potter is an immensely popular franchise, famed all over the world particularly by the female demographic.

However, the Harry Potter franchise has been hit with severe controversy in recent times due to its author, J.K. Rowling somehow managing to piss off the entire crowd of transgenders by being a “TERF”.

“Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist”.

HIS refusal to bend the knee and defy basic anatomy, such as there being no such thing as a pregnant man, J.K. Rowling is probably one of the largest individuals deemed to be “transphobic” despite being a leftist parasite HIMSELF.

Naturally of course, this video game targeting young women would be targeted by these illusive trannies as being harmful towards their ideology as Hogwarts Legacy imposes on their freedom to dilate.

Brianna Wu chimed in regarding Hogwarts Legacy and despite the game itself featuring multitudes of WOKE inclusive characters, this faggot has deemed the game to be harmful towards all transvestites simply because of its connection to J.K. Rowling’s creation.

The game itself harms trans people, if you care about us poor innocent trannies you’ll join Brianna Wu in boycotting the cultural phenomenon known as Harry Potter.

You will NOT buy this game.

And all honestly, you shouldn’t, it’s full of niggers, if you really want to engage in playing a Harry Potter video game might I suggest the LEGO series?

These decrepit whores can only recite the same bullshit on repeat, even years later, Brianna continues to argue the point that the games industry as a whole is sexist towards women harmful towards faggots, and that women and soy-crazed individuals who are guaranteed to buy a game based off a franchise they adore are indeed the problem here.

The bullshit that Brianna Wu is spewing has resulted in other individuals utilizing the hatred towards Harry Potter to their advantage, as Hogwarts Legacy is then subverted as being a “based” property for people to merely joke about purchasing because it hurts the feelings of trannies.

They loath this game, and I honestly haven’t the slightest idea as to why, Hogwarts Legacy is possibly one of the gayest titles to release this year, though nowhere near the levels of Forspoken.

The character creation has no raw depiction of gender pronunciations, various skin colors and body types are available to be chosen from, the voice option of the main character is not directly tied to either gender. This whole “Body Type A/B” nonsense has been infuriating and yet simultaneously its wokeness simply is not enough, to the point where trannies form a lynch mob simply because of the actions of the author of Harry Potter.

J.K. Rowling is more than happy to retcon her own franchise, making characters either gay or blacks but simply because of her refusal to acknowledge that trannies are not biological women she has taken one step too far apparently.

I agree with Brianna Wu for all the wrong reasons, the game should be boycotted, simply because it’s pure faggotry as all other AAA games have been for the past several years, but simultaneously for Hogwarts Legacy to be a commercial success puts money into the hands of these liberal faggots while pissing off transgenders world wide.

This outrage mob will undoubtedly put a lot more attentive eyes on the product as always, resulting in people actually buying the game simply because of the fact that it offends trannies alone, though without a doubt I can guarantee that the finest goys such as Synthetic Man will be buying Hogwarts Legacy and playing it on release, because of course it’s “based”.

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