WOKE Funimation Localizer Boasts About Their Cancerous Inaccurate Translations
27 April 2022
Anime CrunchyRoll funimation localization

I’m shocked, faggot liberals employed by Yiddlerd corporations such as Crunchyroll and Funimation will interject their own agenda if not outright adlib their own garbage into the localized product? Say it ain’t so.

A resurfaced tweet from one of these aforementioned faggot localizers sparked justified controversy as the faggot in question openly brags about their heinous translations and interjected “memes” into their translated subtitles which is without question is an excuse of piss poor translation if not outright pushing their own agenda (and getting paid to do it.)

Burgerfied? This troon dialect is fucking disgusting.

“Katrina Leonoudakis”, obviously one of those despicable beings featuring their preferred pronouns amongst their Twitter bio. If it wasn’t already obvious from her cancerous western avatar that Katrina is just another woke bitch.

She previously got into a lot of hot water from actual fans of anime regarding her butchered localization of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou of which she had translated Satoko’s “nii-nii” into slurred English as “big brudder” while simultaniously pronouncing “nee-nee” as “big shishter”.

But of course, the arrogance of these faggots knows no bounds, with Katrina recently sharing various examples of her poor writing skills when it came to localizing the now infamous “Interspecies Reviewers” series.

Katrina seemingly can’t help herself but forcefully interject her own retarded slang lingo into localized products, with these asinine individuals seemingly making words up as they go along completely bastardizing the creative work of others that has been bestowed upon them.

But of course ignorance is bliss, it’s perfectly alright for mental midgets like Katina to go off on a twitter tangent every single time a “incel” anime enthusiast calls them out for barbaric adlibbed translations, because of the horrendous working conditions of garbage localizer companies such as Funimation or Crunchyroll, both of which are now owned by SOYny.

The sort of actual “pay” these deranged translators actually receive is laughable at best, with wages so miniscule the only sorts of individuals that would even dare to sign up are the sort of militant feminists who are not just bad at translating but are most certainly going to utilize the work of others to push an agenda.

It’s cause and effect, shit working conditions and pay will result in shit employees who produce nothing but shit.

But of course the degradation of anime as a whole as localization and streaming services pluck and bastardize more and more anime each and every season is just another reason as to why gatekeeping niche interests is vital to ensure their survival as the onslaught of front fringes rush into niche genres and mold them into their disfigured image as to appease their sensitivities.

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