Wizards of the Coast Goes FULL JEW Regarding Dungeons & Dragons’ Open Game License
13 January 2023
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Roll for Judaism.

I’ve already glossed over recently how the infamous table top game, Dungeons & Dragons had increasingly been peddling agendas of woke inclusivity by attempting to remove racial stereotyping of fantasy monsters and creatures.

However, Wizards of the Coast, publishers of the famous tabletop RPG sensation have decided to usurp the series and its entire fanbase in order to maximize shekel collection before eventually nuking Dungeons & Dragons as a whole.

Dungeons & Dragons as a series has a unique “open” copyright system, the Open Game License that allowed individuals and other publishers to freely and openly modify the game experience of D&D with their own unique game settings otherwise known as original content, so long as the general game rules remain the same.

This movement made by Wizards of the Coast was mighty successful, making the rulebook of Dungeons & Dragons standardized while simultaneously allowing individuals on a large or small scale the creative freedom to modify the game and crucially add more original content, it’s a genius idea.

However it seems (((changes))) by Wizards of the Coast are in order for Dungeons & Dragons moving forward, as WOTC intend to capitalize upon the innovation and creation of others for their own selfish gains.

Wizards of the Coast are making changes to the Open Game License for Dungeons & Dragons which is being described by “nerds” alike as being predatory and treachery.

Back in December it was stated that the OGL would be vast changes with a 1.1 revision which would be introduced for 2023. One of the major changes with the new Open Game License would be Wizards of the Coast backtracking on the royalty free licensing for Dungeons & Dragons for creators.

This is possibly the most diabolical and Grabblerish thing that one could possibly do, this is very similar to how Bethesda usurped game modifications with the “Creation Club” by essentially yoinking the work of other individuals and charging money for the privilege.

But on a much greater scale.

Wizards of the Coast are essentially revoking what was supposed to be a perpetual and FREE system, but instead intend to impose much more strict requirements and impose royalties, anything unique that individuals make under this new license would essentially be forfeited to WOTC to reprint as they saw fit.

Wizards of the Coast are free to publish and commercialize products made by other individuals and of course you can guarantee that the original creator will NOT be compensated.

The Open Game License has forced competitors into creating their own widespread gaming systems to compete, and now Wizards are basically pulling the rug out from underneath consumers in a desperate bid to crush the competition.

Needless to say, individuals and fans of Dungeons & Dragons are fucking furious, thankfully they’ve outright began their boycotts resulting in Wizards of the Coast from backpedaling on its OGL 1.1 announcement, delaying the announcement amid the exponential backlash they’ve received.

D&D fans aren’t alone in this endeavor as WOTC attempts to bend over its collective (and dwindling) fanbase, Paizo, an American based publisher, mostly known for Pathfinder which is based on Dungeons & Dragons thanks to the Open Game License.

Paizo have announced their plans for a “system-neutral” open RPG license, essentially creating their own rendition of the Open Game License, Paizo have no intentions of supporting Wizard of the Coast’s revised OGL but instead will be financially backing their own initiative considering how smaller publishers more than likely could not afford to actually fight against Wizards of the Coast.

Dubbed ORC, the “Open RPG Creative License” is Paizo’s direct response to WOTC essentially Grabblering out their entire fanbase, the Open RPG Creative License in fact own be owned by Paizo directly but rather it will be owned by any publishing giant, it will be firmly in the hands of Azora Law.

Azora Law was co-founded by Brian Lewis, the same attorney responsible for developing the legal framework around the original Open Game License back in the year 2000.

Chances are high that Wizards of the Coast try and weasel their way back into the limelight with another revised OGL that’s slightly more favorable to creators alike, but I digress, Dungeons & Dragons as you know it is most certainly dead.

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