Why Piracy Is The Only Way
15 October 2021
banned piracy Pirate shoa Steam Steam Community

What you’re looking at right now is a recently banned Steam account, specifically my Steam account or more rather one of them at least.

And if I’m being honest, being banned from Steam has been one of my greatest accomplishments in life because it proves exactly as to why gamers should be donning their wooden legs and eyepatches as they sail the seas pirating everything in sight.

So why did I get banned? What did I do wrong? Well I’m going to be honest (again) I’m probably the furthest thing from a saint, more rather I dared attempt the worst thing imaginable and that is trying to out Grabbler the Grabbler.

For the better part of four years I’ve been annually fueling funding through investments of in-game Steam items of which I would then recycle into some games and other useless crap for a fraction of the price a typical westerner would ever pay, by taking advantage of the turd world and spoofing the localized country of the account you’re able to buy games from the Steam store for pennies by comparison.

This of course is against the Steam TOS but it’s not like I actually give a fuck.

A little backstory is necessary here. Just days prior to my unfortunate VACation, five days ago to be exact I was temporarily suspended from interfering with my profile as I was barring a racist username and profile summary.

This suspension came merely after a couple sessions of some Counter-Strike Deathmatch after many months of absence.

Honestly the forced redesign of my Steam profile merely antagonized me more so into being a bit more vocal when it comes to blatant wrong think. Because at such a moment 343 Industries had updated the Gaylo Master Chief Collection to incorporate new gender formats to specific armor types with secondary option to use a female or male voice irrespective of your selected gender in-game.

So I thought it would be a fabulous idea to get myself purged from egotistical faggot moderated game discussion forums on Steam, starting with Halo MCC.

The discussion post actually lasted much longer than I would’ve liked, with other topics being locked / removed almost immediately I was confident that I would too get banned from further discussion however the post managed to last a multitude of hours before finally getting shoa’d.

This of course leads into my recent termination from the Steam Community hilariously for the matters of abusing regional pricing and being the proud owner of a racist Steam community group which of course donned the only name that matters here (Shekelhertz).

While very few of my own Pesos were lost in the process the whole ordeal highlights what gayming has become over the last couple of decades where the modern soyboy faggot wouldn’t handle five minutes of Xbox Live voice chat in open lobbies, but in all honesty getting shoa’d off of Steam for being racist is probably one of the ultimate bragging rights one can have.

But it also goes to show exactly why storefront platforms such as Steam, UPlay, Origin and the Epic Gay Store should be avoided like the plague, as Valve operates the biggest DRM platform on the PC gaming sector. If you step out of line, if you do not conform to globofudge packer bullshit they will gladly terminate your account effectively rug pulling your investment, your games and everything else you hold dearly without so much as a second thought.

This is the very reason why I wholeheartedly support Piracy of all forms of media, especially video gaymes. Simply put we cannot give Yiddlerd corporations such as Valve our shekels, this abrupt termination doesn’t hold me back in the slightest, it only fuels my rage to be even more racist and obscene than before when in-game, so I’ll gladly continue my indoctrination by spreading awareness of the Grabbler.


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