Why Gaming is Dead – GTA Franchise Generates $7.3 Billion in Revenue Since GTA V Released
10 February 2022
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It shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise when I say that the video games industry is beyond salvaging at this point, what was once a small-ish niche attributed to “nerds” has become a massive global entity used entirely for corporate profiteering as the amount of consoomers in the world increase by gorillions.

Especially considering how low expectations for video games has gotten in such a short amount of time with general consumers head over heels for asinine cancer or barbaric slapdash “remasters” which continue to rake in the dough regardless of how bad the actual product eventually ends up being.

Even worse is the now common practice of corporations re-releasing the same game over and over again to suit the next generation of console platforms or simply because they desire more money, such a practice among the likes of the Elder Scrolls V or Grand Theft Auto V continues to be sold in high enough numbers to continue this trend.

GTA is for niggers, majority of console gamers are in fact niggers and or faggots. Niggerfaggots if you will, the Grand Theft Auto franchise has drastically fallen off the cliff in terms of general enjoyment and or cancerous industry practices since moving to the “HD era” of gaming systems.

None is more obvious than the release of Grand Theft Auto V which has proven to be a rather lucrative business for Rockstar Games and owners Take-Jew Interactive.

GTA V unlike GTA titles of yesteryear where all the focus was essentially being put on actual player enjoyment with the single player experience, with various DLC additions being included with Grand Theft Auto IV which expanded upon the story from new perspectives while adding more wicked shit to the game to enhance the sandbox experience.

GTA V has had none of that, with the game’s story being rather lackluster even to this day there hasn’t been much of a reason for Rockstar Games to even warrant single player expansions because from the very beginning they’ve had their sights set on something much larger, GTA Online.

GTA Online for the most part was and still is a barren wasteland of fuckery and grinding, which is all the more obvious considering the annual quarterly revenue that Grand Theft Auto V has provided since launch with the GTA series in total generating $7.3 Billion dollars since GTA V made its way onto the market in 2013.

GTA Online is probably the bare minimum anyone could even consider to be a “video game” in the sense that it provides no actual enjoyment or satisfaction and is merely just a means of wasting ones time for hours on end.

Grand Theft Auto V is this massive money printing machine, despite the initial launch euphoria evaporating the game itself along with revenue has only increased as GTA V released for other platforms later down the line suckering in more gullible gaymers into the clutches of microtransactions.

Because that has been the premise of GTA Online since inception, with Rockstar Games providing as little as need be in the sense of drip-fed content to keep the player base “docile” by giving them more retarded shit to waste in-game money on.

Simply give the goyim a couple more cars, maybe a new plane or a helicopter and just increase the actual in-game pricing of such items from last time, so if the goyim would like to buy a slightly fast personal vehicle to drive around in they’re going to have to grind repetitive missions for literally tens of hours consecutively.

Sometimes the amount of grind to accumulate such funds requires actual days of time in total in order to be able to purchase other in-game items.

Throw in a few heist missions that themselves require time wasted planning with separate missions or nightclubs and businesses which replace one act of grind for another and you’ve got yourself the perfect way to push microtransactions down the throats of your players.

Why spend days of grinding the same boring ass crap when you can simply give Rockstar Games anywhere from $3 to $90 so that you may avoid all that grind and buy some of the latest released drip-fed content only to end up repeating the process yet again in just a few months time.

According to Take-Jew Interactive filings, the GTA franchise has generated $7.3 Billion dollars since GTA V released, with GTA V having sold a whopping 160 million copies to date, GTA V in terms of overall tales is now the second best-selling video game to date.

With revenue spiking drastically following the release of GTA V on other platforms such as the PC, with a staggering $263 Million dollars being generated the quarter of when GTA V was available for a generous period of time on the Epic Game Store for absolutely free, a massive hike in revenue compared to quarters prior and following.

However more recently Take-Two have amassed $310 million from its last quarter alone, following the massive overhype for the woke faggotized, bug riddled GTA Trilogy which despite the obvious of being absolute garbage and an insult to the original games of the GTA franchise it had managed to “exceed expectations” with over 10 million copies sold.

With how massive the video games market has grown, consumer expectations have fallen drastically where seemingly they’ll gladly be excited for any new product while buying them in droves such as Cyberpunk 2077.

There’s no actual reasons for developers to actually try and make games with care or consideration anymore when in such a market they can rightfully go ahead and rush the absolute shit out of development and they’d still manage to achieve pre-order sales in the millions, such as the case with Red Dead Redemption 2 of which its online component has seemingly been abandoned by Rockstar Games as they prioritize on their main cash cow, GTA V with drip-fed content.

From a (((financial))) point of view the video game industry is far from dead, with general consumers drastically increasing in numbers coinciding with the rise of game streaming platforms such as Twitch.

But for us, those who actually have valued video games for what they always were, enjoyment and escapism…. the industry as a whole is pretty much a rotten maggot infested corpse. Video games have turned into a means for (((developers))) to instill political propaganda and identity politics in their work, the games themselves are lazy and pozzed.

Especially when looking at more recent examples such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Death Stranding, games that serve no other purpose but to personally jack off established Hollywood actors because that is exactly what gayming has turned out to be.

They are not made to bring enjoyment to the masses, they are simply made for consumers to spend and spend some more. The steep drop in actual quality remains oblivious to the masses who are more than happy to pay full price for cinematic garbage with no actual content.

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