WEF Shill Elon Musk to Transform Twitter With Digital ID Requirements
2 November 2022
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When it comes to Elon Musk in my eyes he reminds me of Donald Trump a lot, with Elon in the past saying all the right things such as questioning (((who))) owns the media, and calling out conspiracies so retards believe him to be “based”

Donald Trump or rather Senior Jew Jew Cum on the other hand saying these sorts of things during his original presidential campaign, mentioning 9/11, entrapping ignorant twits into believing him to be the great white hope.

The reality is unfortunate, both men are merely the same, calling out conspiracies so retards feel as if they are some savior, their influence and finances built on deceit and usury.

Elon Musk is another pied piper, he’s not on “our” side, he’s just another goon for the World Economic Forum.

Elon Musk is among the richest people in the world if you exclude the Rothschilds, the richest African on the entire planet and yet Elon Musk has done absolutely nothing to help all the white people who are savagely killed in South Africa, his supposed countrymen.

Elon Musk is a genuine crypto kike, pumping and dumping utterly worthless shitcoins such as DOGECOIN to astronomical levels, causing retards to buy into the meme magic only to come out the other side losing majority of their investment as Elon profits himself.

But finally, after months of turmoil, Elon Musk has actually finalized his acquisition of Twitter and ousting the vile poojeet scum at the helm of the world’s largest social media outlet.

Elon Musk is draining the swamp Twitter.

Naturally, just like Jew Jew Cum, Elon is seen as being “literally Hitler” from leftoid faggots and seen as the second coming of Donald Trump by those on the so called “right”.

The tears and retard hope that surrounds Twitter is immense, and it has been an enjoyable ride. The day of Elon actually acquiring Twitter, the word “NIGGER” saw a 500% increase in utilization on the platform, but in typical fashion these people were quickly and efficiently dealt with because Elon Musk is all about freedom of speech, so long as it follows the (((agenda))).

While Elon himself may have purged the likes of Parag Agrawal and Vijaya Gadde, thankfully for those in hope that Twitter will become the hotbed of freedom of speech, he has retained Twitter’s head of Safety and Integrity, (((Yoel Roth))).

Of course, Twitter is never going to actually change its stance on “racism” and “anti-semitism”, but this acquisition has certainly brought attention to the Jewish question which is obviously a great thing.

While liberal faggots cry and screech that they’re going to leave the platform, just as they said they’d leave the United States if Trump won, they’re not going anywhere and Twitter will certainly not cater to ignorant MAGA-tards for true freedom of speech either.

What exactly is the plan for Twitter?

Besides potentially incorporating a monthly fee for account verification, Elon Musk is a shill for the World Economic Forum, the entire goal of the WEF is to gradually subvert society to into a one world government communist utopia, similarly to China we will soon have our own social crediting system with harsh penalties for breaking the rules of wrong think as social media outlets will be linked to a digital ID.

Elon Musk, caught on camera giving us a glimpse into the future of Twitter perhaps, from his own mouth Based Muskstein states that he wishes to create his own rendition of China’s WeChat.

好公民! GOOD CITIZEN! 社會信用已添加到您的帳戶

WeChat is amazing Goy, if only us gentiles had access to such amazing software.

What is WeChat? Well it’s only the largest social media platform in the country of China, owned by Tencent it essentially offers voice and text chat functionalities, it basically combines the likes of Instagram and Facebook all into one, it even allows for digital yuan payments to individuals, allowing people and brands to post whatever mundane bullshit or news they’d like.

The kicker obviously for the oriental Jews of Asia is that WeChat is tied to an individuals digital ID and social crediting system, malicious users are censored tracked and probably prosecuted considering how WeChat themselves do in fact share sensitive information with the CCP.

I hope you’re ready for your Twitter account to be linked to a digital ID because this is the future that liberal faggots and Musk believers deserve.

A globalized society, social crediting systems, digital payments, combustible electric vehicles, self driving autonomous trucks, Starlink spy satellites, brain chips? Sure, why not.

Elon Musk will lead us to the promised land, the future of society is not a communist utopia such as China but a hellscape much like South Africa as the harder kikes like Muskstein push this sort of bullshit, the quicker society collapse upon itself with infighting and (((civil war))).

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