(((Washington Post))) Demands Game Developers Virtue Signal Over Abortion Rights
19 May 2022
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Video Games and abortions, do these two completely different things actually have common ground?

Apart from the fact how the modern gaymer should’ve been aborted. No, they fucking don’t.

Abortion and Video Games have no correleation.

Where do I personally stand on the matter of “Roe vs. Wade”?, I haven’t the slightest fucking clue on what defines the 1973 ruling, all I do know is that liberal whores across America are outraged over the thought that their desire to engage in unprotected sex with anyone that moves might in fact have consequences.

I for one support abortion, for both Niggers and for (((Goblins))).

It’s a lose-lose no matter how you look at it, Planned Parenthood alone is responsible for the removal of tens of millions of unborn niggers alone, while at the same time these liberal faggots seemingly get off on the fact that they are killing their own unborn children.

You cannot win by taking a particular side over the other, opening your mouth is merely a death sentence, especially if you’re a video game developer.

Back on track, according to a certain tinyhat urinalist for (((The Washington Post))), video game companies aught to be doing more in the wake of the “Roe vs. Wade” controversy by virtue signaling for mass sacrificial baby slaughter.

(((Washington))) reporters, (((Nathan Grayson))) and Shannon Liao pressed onwards in their “faithful” mission pressuring multiple companies in the field in hopes for them to virtue signal for Roe vs. Wade to be overturned, in their post titled “As Roe v. Wade repeal looms, video game industry stays mostly silent“.

(((Nathan))) and Shannon claim to have reached out to over 20 major video game developers and or publishers in regards to if they were planning to make a statement regarding a matter that does not concern the video game industry whatsoever, only to be given the cold shoulder resulting in the barbaric hit piece you see above.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom for our fellow white friends and allies, for (((Grayson))) and Liao were happy to admire the likes of megakike game companies such as Bungie who were all too quick in supporting infanticide, in a blog post dubbed Bungie Supports Essential Healthcare Rights.

Bungie, well known for their many cases of virtue signalling have amassed over six million brownie points following hilarious attempts at maintaining relevence through community efforts such as “Black(ed) at Bungie, Women at Bungie, Trans at Bungie, LGBT at Bungie and show no sign of slowing down after being acquired by Sony with their latest political stunt, “Fetus Murder at Bungie”.

Another (((usural))) suspect in the name of virtue is that of Microsoft and their latest aquiree, Activision Blizzard who’ll do just about anything to make you forget about the stolen breast milk and the sexual misconduct of female employees.

“We are committed to an inclusive environment that is supportive of all of our employees,” said Rich George, a spokesperson for Activision Blizzard. “As a company, providing fair and equitable health care is a top priority, and we will closely monitor developments in the coming weeks and months.”

Utter Kikery from (((Activision))).

Other small time kiked corporations such as (((Double Fine))) and Guild Wars developer Arena Net chimed in to shine their signals of virtues for the avid “enthusiasts” of unprotected sex with strangers.

Needless to say, majority of these game companies would rather not open their mouths and potentially wallets in joining whatever political movement is trending with liberal faggots on twitter, especially if a corporation were to convey wrong think by not following the current thing, be they abortions for Ukrainian trannies or not.

[Cheers, WittyUserName]

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