Virgin Australia and Qantas Highjacking Planes With Faggotry in 2023 “Pride Flights”
23 October 2022
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Time to burn your passports and avoid flying ever again.

During the whole COVID pandemic and bullshit sociopathic lockdown restrictions, Australian airlines were livid over the loss of international and domestic travelers, losing money hand over fist, dropping the cost of air travel, sacking staff but none of that really mattered.

Now that domestic and international travel has resumed, at least for those who’ve had their COVID kike spikes, it has become quite apparent that Virgin Australia really don’t want the business.

There is no appeal to air travel, unless of course you happen to be well off financially or in the very rare case that you’re a stinking rich Jew the only sorts of air travel you’ll partake in are private flights, with little to no consequences from the lynch mob of eco-terrorist liberals who demand “climate action”.

However, Virgin Australia are thinking outside the box here, how can they revolutionize air travel by making it even more disgusting, even more miserable and more disease riddled?

By hosting sexualized pride parades midflight filled to the brim with disgusting drag queens of course.

Virgin Australia are already hosting presale tickets to the wonders of faggotry miles high in the sky with several “mardi gras” flights scheduled in 2023 departing from Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth to the faggot capital of Australia, Sydney.

Sydney as the faggot staple of Australia will once again be hosting the Mardi Gras Parade on Oxford Street on February 25th next year.

And of course this faggotry isn’t limited to domestic travels either with the world’s largest gay faggotry celebrational flight taking place on the 24th of February 2023 with an international flight to America’s hub of homosexuality, San Francisco.

This is of course disgusting beyond comprehension, patrons of these “pride flights” will be able to enjoy the enrichment of sodomy with Virgin Australia hosting actual drag during the flight itself, the ideal environment for the modern Australian family to fly, especially with children.

Naturally, Virgin Australia got a lot of criticism for this barbaric woke stunt, with the airline itself taking to Twitter to “roast” an individual who demonized the announcement of the Pride Flights by posting the contents of the email onto Twitter with their email address completely visible.

The tweet itself has since been deleted obviously, however just take note that it is completely okay for businesses to post sensitive information of individuals if they don’t adhere to their crumbling societal standards where insensitive deranged faggots and child molesters have more “human rights” than everyone else.

Obviously Virgin Australia haven’t indeed heard of the phrase “GET WOKE, GO BROKE” as they certainly don’t want genuine customers using their services for air travel, over a thousand of these “pride flight” seats are available as the company itself is more focused highlighting faggotry on a pedestal with these barbaric Pride Flights chockablock full of mentally malnourished sodomites.

However it isn’t just Virgin Australia who’ve been chugging on cumpachino soy lattes, competitors Qantas will also be hosting their own sodomy services with flights to the WordPride event in Sydney with international flights disembarking Los Angeles on the 22nd of February.

The flight will feature gay inflight fun and “entertainment”, similarly to Virgin Australia I’d imagine, attendants will be given complementary “Rainbow Roo” pajamas to wear during their flight, passengers will also be presented with spectacle LGBT friendly movies to watch during the long travel to Sydney, movies such as Schindler’s List and Disney Pixar’s Turning Red will most certainly be the perfect movies of choice.

With Virgin Australia and Qantas, two of the largest travel companies in the country bending the knee to faggots for their gay little parade, what are Australians to do now? Jetstar, Emirates, who knows, what I certainly do know is that I want nothing to do with these gutless kiked corporations.

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