Various Game Studios Pounce on (((Ukraine))) and (((Russia))) Conflict to Virtue Signal
4 March 2022
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I swear this whole bullshit between Ukraine and Russia, Bolshevik Grabblers vs Khazar Grabblers rubs off as being the BLM equivalent of Slavic nations as it primarily serves as a massive opportunity for giant corporations to virtue signal over the conflict between Ukraine and Russia as the goyim didn’t care much for the faggot sovereignty of Ukraine until Zionist Media outlets said they should.

I stand for sodomy rights, I fight for gay fudge packersex. I stand with Ukraine because the TV says I should.

Much like in the sense of Nigger History Month, Pride Month or whatever other bullshit marketing months there are in a woke calendar year, companies are attempting to capitalize upon (((Russia)))’s invasion of the (((Ukraine))) which undoubtedly has upset globalist Filthy Chews who are now demonizing the Russian Federation through sanctions and trading restrictions.

And what better way than to show ones solidarity to our second greatest ally than to blindly consoom the products of corporations who share the same vocal opinion that we’ve been told to follow on the TV.

Electronic Arts, one of the most heinous Yiddler corporations in the world, however they’ve decided to capitalize upon the Russia / Ukraine conflict by taking the signals of virtue to a whole new level, with EA Games announcing that it will be removing various Russian teams across its various sports titles such as FIFA 22, NHL 22, FIFA Mobile and FIFA Online.

As Estrogenic Arts continues to evaluate other imposed changes to perhaps be made across other titles and properties under the EA banner.

For Formula 1 fans you can rest assured that the Russian Grand Prix circuit will be removed from the F1 2022 video game as its real life event was seemingly canceled following the invasion. However what this means for how exactly the likes of how HAAS F1 and one of their drivers, Nikita Mazepin would be portrayed in the game is up in the air.

When it comes to the radical woke and gigantic mega corporations they truly don’t actually care for anything because any actual time of crisis is a perfect opportunity to virtue signal as apparently “cancel culture” has expanded to entire countries, though of course nothing is to be done regarding the People’s Republic of China and their genocidal dictator, Winnie the Pooh.

Rather than ending violence EA Games has deemed it right to incite violence by outright vilifying not just an entire country but individuals who are either Russian or Belarusian, though it’s unlikely that this will result in much loss of sales from Russian customers considering that it’s generally South Americans among other niggers buying such buggy trash games anyway.

Various other, much smaller game developer studios are also voicing their “stance” with Ukraine in the hope that by pretending to care that it would hopefully increase sales and or media clout.

Bohemia Interactive, developers of the realistic military simulator “ARMA” franchise have decided to capitalize on conflict by releasing a charity bundle of ARMA III on Steam, featuring the base game of ARMA 3 along with the “Laws of War” DLC dubbed as “introducing the basic principles of International Humanitarian Law (IHL), which is as important as ever during this armed conflict”.

With Bohemia Interactive proclaiming that the net profit of the ARMA III bundle will be donated to (((humanitarian charities))) such as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), because there’s no greater feeling than buying a video game and DLC at full retail pricing that is more often than massively reduced and on sale simply because they alongside many are holding the stance against (((Vladimir Putin))). Shekels well spent.

Speaking of shekels well spent, Factorio have seemingly lived long enough to become who they once despised, with Factorio’s main developer Michal “Kovarex” Kovarik having once been renowned for shutting down liberal faggots and their attempts of cancel culture, Factorio have made their virtue signaling known in hopes that you might buy their game.

Though at least the cause for Factorio’s political pandering is somewhat more justified with Factorio claiming to have team members in the Ukraine.

The Factorio team decided to show the world that it cares by highlighting their solidarity in an event post similarly to that of ARMA 3 and their Ukrainian Relief Bundle.

Naturally the discussions page of the aforementioned virtue signaling is rife with division as individuals, primarily Russian or Chinese are offended by the actions of Factorio as they undoubtedly request for refunds as the other individuals are supporting Factorio’s solidarity of the Ukraine, with over 3550 individual comments being made under the “We Support Ukraine” forum post with people arguing from all sides providing that the Steam forums has descended to “Reddit”.

And of course such a stance would be met with a negative reception when taking recent Steam reviews into account for Factorio which seemingly is being bombarded yet again with negative reviews albeit this time around they are somewhat justified from Putin loving Russians and Chinese inhabitants proclaiming that the Grabblerish settlement of Ukraine are “Nazis”.

The entire conflict devolves with Filthy Chews pointing fingers at one another calling the other “Nazis” while the native population (white goyim) are just casualties of war.

Exactly what is my stance on the whole bullshit between Russia and the Ukraine? Well I don’t exactly care. We’ve gone from Grabblerish propaganda in the form of a seemingly never-ending GOYVID epidemic to coming round full circle to straight up war. The Ukrainian president, Zelenskyy is a full blown Yiddler faggot. The only “sovereignty” that the Ukraine has fought for over the last few years is Hunter’s bank balance along with full blown LGBT faggotry.

Russia is much of the same minus the faggotry, Filthy Chews instigating conflict as Grabblerish-“Ukrainian” citizens are whisked away out of harm’s reach as actual Slavic populous is forced to stay behind and die for Israel. Russia are the potato niggers of Europe much of the same way that China are Grabblers of the East.

It is as always quite pitiful for companies big or small to try and utilize such conflicts for their own personal benefit as they attempt to earn some brownie points by virtue signaling whatever trend / crisis is currently being pushed by ZOG (((media))) worldwide. Though it’s entirely hilarious how the likes of Estrogenic Arts are happy to throw away potential sales and profit for the sake of such brownie points, by pretending to sow solidarity with Ukraine for “peace” and “prosperity” they instead demonize Russia down to the individual.


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