Valve Reintroduces “Waifu Holocaust” by Banning CHAOS;HEAD NOAH From Steam
3 October 2022
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UPDATE: On the first of October, the publisher of CHAOS;HEAD Noah, Spike Chunsoft gave us an update regarding the Steam release of the visual novel title.

Steam has officially banned the game from launching, despite not containing nudity but rather gore, which is fucking hysterical coming from the faggots at Valve who most recently allowed trash such as “Dungeon Master” and “HOBGOB: Please Save Me

The reason for its unfortunate ban comes at the demand of Valve wishing the game be altered and censored, perhaps away from its gruesome setting of younger school students, Spike Chunsoft are looking for alternative forms of distributors for the PC release while the Nintendo Switch version will release unaltered and unaffected on October 7th.

Naturally, Japanese consumers were outraged over the barbaric ban of the visual novel, voicing their frustrations out on Twitter.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Dealing with Valve and the Steam store is a lot like dealing with a woman, there’s no logic of sense behind their actions, fueled with arrogance and hypocrisy they seek only to subvert weakminded men.

Valve once again have shown their prowess at being two-faced kikes by banning yet another Japanese game from its platform, although this time is different considering how the game in question contains no actual sexual content.

Valve has a deep hatred for “boner culture” considering for every hetero game banned from the Steam store another ten will be given access for sale that feature degenerate kike kinks such as fur(faggotry) and shota-con.

With a more recent display of Jewish subversion, “Hero’s Journey” became available for purchase on the Steam store on July 15th, and features nothing except “femdom” content including other disgusting kinks such as foot fetishism and urination. All of this in relation to a “shota” character no less.

The reason is quite obvious, owner and founder of VALVE, Gabe Newell is nothing but a Christ hating kike.

Anyways, I’m getting sidetracked. Valve have now barred the “CHAOS;HEAD NOAH” visual novel from launching on Steam with no specified reason given.

Despite what the age rating would imply, CHAOS;HEAD NOAH does not include any sort of sexual content, more rather the game itself contains gruesome or gore content instead, of which it has the appropriate ZERO Z rating.

Aside from the fact that the VN in question isn’t “eroge”, it’s launching on the Nintendo Switch without issue, being launched on cancerous mobile platforms such as the Google Play Store and Apple’s rendition, both of which are sacrilegious against sexual content, it’s bizarre to say the least why Steam would reject the game from being launched.

What’s even more hypocritical is that the sequel, CHAOS;CHILD remains available for purchase on Steam and too does not contain any sexual content whatsoever.

Publishers, Spike Chunsoft haven’t made a formal announcement regarding the Steam release of CHAOS;HEAD NOAH, however the localized PC release found a new home among a google spreadsheet highlighting the banned games of Steam.

As we all know, Valve hates Japanese developers, unless of course they’re of high enough status which allows publisher of RPG Maker smut, Kagura Games absolutely free admission to the storefront, many Japanese developers and small time publishers seemingly will be hit out of spite, many cases the game itself will launch on the Steam store eventually but we’ll never truly know for sure whether the game needs to be altered in any way.

Valve’s reasonings for banning a sex-less visual novel could really be down to the “school setting” of CHAOS;HEAD NOAH of which school uniforms greatly offend the powers that be at (((Valve))), however that doesn’t excuse the fact that CHAOS;CHILD remains on the Steam store to this very day.

Just another reason to rid yourselves of the Jewish chains of consumerism, pirating everything and everything that comes your way, buying games directly from the developers if at all possible.

Imagine the uproar if STEINS;GATE had to go through such bullshit.

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