Valve Reenacts On Their Hypocritical “Waifu Holocaust” Policies By Banning Evenicle 2 From Steam
13 February 2021
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Valve are no strangers to banning games off its Steam store platform, having previously targeted a plethora of anime games whether or not they contained adult content was completely irrelevant as shown by Valve banning “The Key To Home” from its store many years ago as it supposedly contained “child pornography” however the game had zero adult content whatsoever.

The reason behind the prioritized removal of “anime” games off its platform? The constant screeching of “child exploitation” from these sorts of games, I understand that Steam isn’t exactly a store for porn games but a plethora of the games that have been given the ban hammer didn’t exactly contain “hentai” or adult content whatsoever but merely because fictional characters in the eyes of retarded leftist degenerates is deemed a child and should be treated like one.

Despite the fact that Valve have stated that they weren’t going to be the “taste police” when it came to games released on its storefront they’ve done nothing but that. However when it comes to games of a gay nature they’re more than happy to allow LQBT trash onto the Steam store full of nudity without issue.

These days the Steam store is awash with gay propaganda in the form of video games with none quite so prosperous as the abundance of “furry” oriented games as well. Because it’s not okay if an anime game has a “high school” setting while it’s okay to have buff macho anthro fur-faggots indulge in their degeneracy.

Western games in recent times have been more than able to get away with explicit sexual content in recent times, with the most recent example being CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpozz 2077 along with having exposed genitals being visible to all. Would’ve been nice had they put a “streaming” filter on that gay shit when you first boot it up, nope guess it’s okay for anyone to get a view on some tits and dick then I guess.

However it has felt like an eternity since Valve have actually pursued the removal of games from the Steam store which has been flooded with low-quality shovelware hentai “puzzle” games or clicker titles. Never mind the endless supply of trash that is “Sweet Games” and “Konnichiwa Games” with such quality titles as “Megacraft Hentai”, “Cyber Hentai” and of course “The Last of Waifus” “Waifu Hell” and “H-Sniper Middle East”.

An endless flood of shovelware asset flips that continue to plague the steam store to this very day, these kinds of adult content are more than welcomed on the platform.

However it would appear that something sexy got the attention of (((Gaben))) or the higher ups at “Vulva” as developer Alicesoft have announced that Valve has rejected the release for the English localization of Evenicle 2

What’s more confusing to the sudden Steam cancelation of Evenicle 2 is that there had a demo of the game available on the Steam store albeit in a censored state with content cut along with mosaic censorship which was called the “Clinical Trial Edition” and has been on the Steam store since August 2020.

Alicesoft, the eroge masterminds behind the infamous Rance series which saw both Rance VI and Rance 5D previously banned from the steam store back in April of 2019 of which both games were actually packaged in a bundle, and judging from SteamDB entries the bundle wasn’t even approved to have its store page to go live.

Featuring the beautiful art style by Ran Yaegashi, previous character designer for the reclaimed Senran Kagura series Evenicle is a story heavy game with mixed elements of visual novels along with mainly JRPG elements of adventuring with a turn based combat system while absolutely chock-a-block full of adult content.

To summarize the story in the worst way I possibly can, in the first game you play as Asterisk who wishes to marry both of his foster “sisters” however in the world of strictly enforced monogamy. In the “World of Eve” only high ranking knights can marry more than just one person so you venture out in becoming a knight and rising through the ranks as you encounter outlaws and girls of whom you marry throughout the story by fucking them.

However most surprisingly was how Evenicle has originally launched on Steam with no censorship whatsoever, and much like its sequel the game also contained scenes of sexual violence such as violent rape and snuff along with a plethora of the characters you encounter, marry and fuck having the “physique” of the oh so dreaded loli that faggots love to lynch mob against.

And yet the prequel to Evenicle 2 managed to launch on the Steam store completely unaltered mind you where it continues to be sold to this very day on the 28th of June 2018.

I guess Evenicle 2 just got absolutely horrid luck when it came to its review process as clearly Valve have once again decided to kick their waifu holocaust back into high gear while allowing the endless amounts of hentai shovelware trash and gay furry smut on their store instead.

It’s not exactly the end of the world however, I mean if you use Steam to purchase H-games exclusively you might just be a little retarded however Alicesoft have ensured that the English release of Evenicle 2 will continue as planned through different platforms such as JAST USA, MangaGamer or perhaps even Top Hat Studio’s own adult storefront known as “Hat Rack” if that ever came to fruition.

With such a high profile title as Evenicle 2 from Alicesoft I can imagine just about everyone on their knees to try and get this game onto their platforms.

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