Valve Prohibits Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa From Releasing on Steam
15 January 2022
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Not even half a month into the new year and Valve has already unceremoniously gone back to its old “Waifu Holocaust” habit of ungraciously banning Japanese games from its Steam storefront.

Because of course the Steam store is welcoming to endless amounts of child pornography in the form of the “Life is Strange” franchise, on top of the abundance of WESTERN shovel ware smut and or games that contain either homosexuality or gay furry pornography.

The Steam store is very inclusive indeed, if you’re a faggot gaijin, however if you were a Japanese developer for whatever reason wishes to sell your eroge content or visual novels on the store you’ll more than likely be required to kneel over less one of Steam’s faggot moderators deems it to contain “Child Exploitive” content or contains a school setting.

Or the other more likely scenario would be the outright refusal of admission for sale on Steam or just straight up being shoa’d from their store entirely.

Valve have outright rejected Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa from its Steam store according to a statement made by JastUSA.

In 2021, we released Full Metal Daemon Muramasa, our most anticipated title from Nitroplus, the acclaimed studio behind Super SonicoDramatical MurderYOU and ME and HER, and Saya no Uta

However, after months of talks, Valve rejected Full Metal Daemon Muramasa for distribution on Steam, banning it from their platform. We at JAST have always been transparent with Valve, ensuring the quality of our games does not suffer when we must adjust content to fit the requirements of Steam. We hoped we could resolve Valve’s concerns amicably and ultimately deliver the game to the many fans waiting on Steam, but Valve is firm in their decision.

Valve of course wants nothing to do with Japanese games as they have held the same stance against such games for multiple years now, despite the endless amounts of shovelware trash that plague its services Valve is more than happy to show notorious developers such as Alice Soft the door even, having banned Evenicle 2 from Steam.

Despite JastUSA describing Full Metal Daemon Muramasa as being a “pinnacle piece” of a visual novel that “dives into challenging and uncomfortable topics such as war, sexual violence, racism, oppression, terrorism and more”.

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is considered by many as a pinnacle piece of the visual novel genre. It dives into challenging and uncomfortable themes of war, sexual violence, racism, oppression, terrorism, and other atrocities; for the sake of artful storytelling. Steam has never had a policy against bad things happening in video games, and in fact Muramasa is unequivocal in its condemnation of these elements. Out of the darkness of Muramasa’s story emerges a statement on what it means to be a hero, to be human, to be family, to be friends; and in many ways, what it means to be. 

Our case is, unfortunately, not unique in the industry. An increasing number of visual novel games are getting unjustly banned from Steam, with no recourse. This creates an environment where publishers don’t release games like Muramasa because the risk is too high with Steam’s heavy-handed hold on the PC market, stifling the medium and forcing publishers to adopt self-censorship to survive. 

With 2021 behind us and Valve remaining intransigent, our friends at CD Projekt reached out and accepted Muramasa onto their platform, GOG. And so, we are excited to announce that Muramasa, Saya no Uta, Dead End Aegis, and many more of our titles are coming to the GOG store this week, with more to come in the future. 

Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is a masterpiece, and we at JAST owe our fans the deepest gratitude for the support they’ve shown by purchasing a copy directly from our store.

Seeing its success has touched us all and reaffirmed our mission to share games, like Muramasa, with the world – regardless of the obstacles. If you want to support a future that doesn’t rely on a censorious platform or DRM, we urge you to pick up a copy of Muramasa (and your other games) directly from JAST or from our friends at GOG

– The JAST Team

Valve would rather accept and promote such wholesome games as “Furry Shades of Gay 2” along with a near infinite supply of 18+ clicker and puzzle games, let alone infamous shovelware asset flips like “Hentai Vs” and the trash developed by “SeedWall“.

At least on the plus side if you must buy such eroge games not from actual storefronts where you can rest assured that your purchase goes into the pockets of the actual developers, but more rather choose to conform yourself with cancerous platforms such as Steam, at least Full Metal Daemon Muramasa is available for purchase on the GOG Store which recently has done a complete one-eighty by accepting and selling games featuring pornographic content, probably because nobody chooses to use GOG / support CDPR despite being “DRM free”.

JastUSA makes excellent points during their statement, Valve is notorious for dragging discussions with particularly Japanese developers out for extended periods of time as they wish to release their titles on the Steam store instead stating that the risks of releasing such “suggestive” games on its platform is outrageous and absurd, Valve’s stance against Japanese developers stifles them to no end as some force themselves into a corner and comply to (((Gaben’s))) will by self-censoring their game just to permit it on Steam.

The result of developers censoring their own work absolutely infuriates the actual customers who otherwise with to consoom, nobody benefits from developers censoring their own work which is almost guaranteed to reflect in actual Steam sale figures.

Steam as a storefront has to be the most barbaric kiked platform in reference to video games because they seem to be dead set on doing everything they possibly can to inject gay woke cancer onto Steam, with the Steam forums having been relegated to the likes of Reddit with disgusting troons on power trips at the helm of ban hammers.

Fuck Valve and fuck Steam, fuck GOG too because I won’t give my money to another kiked corporation because they pretend to act nice. And I’m absolutely sick of Japanese developers even attempting to launch their games on Steam, they should know by now that despite being the largest gaming platform on the PC it is not a viable one for Japanese eroge / VN developers if they actually intend on doing business.

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