Valve Allegedly Withholds Steam Sale Revenue from Russian Developers
16 March 2022
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An (((all digital))) future is truly what’s best for mankind.

Lots of things have changed over the years, (((Gaben))) and the rest of the people at Valve used to actually develop games as PC gaming culture slowly but surely done away with old CD-ROMs and those “pesky” serial keys.

DRM distribution platforms like Steam paved the digital way for PC gaming, as Valve showed its true (((colors))) by merely amassing themselves as the largest merchant platform when it comes to PCs entirely in a relatively short amount of time.

So much so that actual conglomerate video game publishers/developers have tried and failed with their own digital service platforms to sell their own games in particular.

Steam has become the world’s most dominant game distribution platform, with fat arse (((Gaben))) pocketing a lovely 30% slice of the pie from games sold on the Steam Store, let alone alternative revenue streams such as in-game microtransactional purchases and community market “taxes”.

What an “all digital” future boils down to is that you, the consumer don’t actually own squat.

That’s right, we’ve condemned physical media and allowed these grubby Grabblers into the midst to sell us a virtual access certificate to download and play our beloved games, and it’s such access that can either be violated upon or outright revoked if you as a person step out of line by refusing to conform to the current (((narrative))).

We’ve already seen perfect examples of the sublime digital age we now find ourselves in with Valve and its Steam Storefront.

That being Steam is the harbinger of faggotry and shovelware games while actively shunning “eroge” Japanese content.

To employing and enforcing a much more stricter community guideline policy where obviously wrong think is just out of the question. Because of course “bigotry” has no place in my PC gayme community DRM hugbox.

Valve is more than happy in allowing corporations such as Microsoft among other various developers such as CD Projekt in inciting hatred against one particular country and all of its inhabitants simply because of internet brownie points.

Just about every single corporation in one way or another have imposed restrictions or “sanctions” if you will against Russia as a country and Russians as individuals, Steam being no different.

(((Credit card))) companies and other payment processors have outright stopped all payments in Russia which have made purchasing particular titles on the Steam Store all the more challenging for folks living in the Soviet Union.

Quasimorphosis: Exordium is a rather peculiar indie title featuring pixelated graphical design and is described as a “space horror RPG”.

It launched on the Steam Store a short time ago as a free-to-play title in early development on March 3rd and like proper indie titles it hasn’t garnered much interest.

But at least with what little impact Quasimorphosis Exordium has made it sure has been received highly by players boasting a Very Positive review rating from a total of 84 reviews.

Things get a little bit more interesting when you delve a little further into Quasimorphosis Exordium‘s development or should I say developer as seen from a particular gameplay footage from GrabblerTuber “SplatterCatGaming”

A quick scroll down to the comment section you’ll be greeted by a comment from “LeninCrab” thanking “SplatterCatGaming” for promoting his game and the warm reception of it from his video as he informs others that they can follow the development process on the games (((Discord))) server.

However right then after came a reply to LeninCrab’s comment regarding as to why exactly is Quasimorphosis Exordium free to play on the Steam Store rather than charging a small sum of money.

The response back from Quasimorphosis Exordium‘s developer is extremely alarming but also not all that surprising given the current turmoil between corporations and Russia / Russians.

LeninCrab states that it’s currently not possible to withdraw funds accumulated from game sales from Steam, because you see Quasimorphosis Exordium is a Russian developed title. So at the very least the developer is putting actual focus on their product in the meantime.

But it’s this sort of bullshit that just says it perfectly when it comes to digital media. You own nothing, you’re merely renting access to various forms of media which can and will be taken away from you at a moments notice. Especially with the whole bullshit of (((Russia))) and (((Ukraine))) where corporations across all fields are showing their (((hands))) by scrutinizing Russian individuals be they consumer or in this case developer.

Russian consumers are having the games they’ve “bought” wrongfully taken away from them as braindead liberal NPCs laugh at mock as Russian game developers are having to go without pay simply because of (((political factors))) outside of their control.

The Grabblernited States of America happens to be the biggest terrorist state on the entire planet, committing atrocity after atrocity since inception moreso than what we mere goyim are lead to believe that China have committed in recent times. It’s perfectly fine and acceptable for America to bomb sand niggers in the middle east but apparently if Slavic Grabblers in the Soviet Union attack Gay Slavic Grabblers it’s the responsibility for Liberal Americans to stand united for its cause.

Much like the day to day ruse of (((inflation))), these barbaric sanctions and restrictions against Russian consumers and individuals are all for the singular goal of fucking over the working white man with the same old trend of the poor getting poorer and the rich get richer.

Special thanks to “WittyUserName” for the tip.

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