Use Yandex – DuckDuckGo Becomes Google’s Gulag by Censoring Pirate Site Indexes from Search Results
17 April 2022
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The internet used to be a lawless land, and it still is though this time around it’s lawless in the sense that giant corporates such as Google, Microsoft, Mozilla and more collect and hoard your sensitive data, search results and whatever else through the means of search results and especially internet browsers.

This is exactly why I’ve always had a disgusting taste in my mouth every single time some shill tries to push the “Brave” browser down my throat. If something was actually truly private, they certainly wouldn’t be promoting it via advertising. Services and programs such as most notorious VPNs including the Brave browser are (((controlled))) products marketed towards the tech illiterate.

DuckDuckGo, the “search service for those who value privacy” had been showing signs of Jewish converge, which isn’t all that much of a surprise considering that DuckDuckGo is literally owned by a schlomo by the name of Gabriel Weinberg.

DuckDuckGo is now DuckDuckGlow.

DuckDuckGo had shown itself to be Google search in disguise to fool simpletons into thinking they are using a safe alternative, as the shit didn’t really start until the whole Jew vs Jew conflict between Russia and the Ukraine where DuckDuckGo sanitized itself by down-ranking sites allocated with “Russian disinformation” or quite literally just anything and everything to do with Russia.

This virtue signaling of course was merely marketable brownie points to affirm that DuckDuckGo stands with Ukraine.

While before it could never find results that Google itself scrub, now however DuckDuckGo is going above and beyond in terms of bullshit censorship by annexing pirating websites from its search results.

Why? Because apparently the “privacy focused” search engine fears legal repercussions for copyright issues. While you’re specifically able to search for the likes of “thepiratebay”, indexed results such as by searching “” return zero results.

Other torrenting platforms such as 1337x showcase zero results, same as regular Google.

For you anime fans out there both and continue to churn out results on DuckDuckGo while the likes of, KickassTorrents, Yify Movies, and yet however indexed EZTV results remain active.

But of course the Russian Federation once again continues to provide with the Yandex search once again proving its worth for those who want a true “private” and censor free browsing experience as Yandex will gladly open its gates of indexed piracy websites absolutely free of charge.

that’s a lot of porn

It’s not just piracy websites that DuckDuckGo have removed, but also video ripping websites such as YouTube-DL which has also been removed.

Suspiciously because the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) have actually specified platforms like Youtube-dl as “piracy tools”. The ability to download any video posted on YouTube is certainly a scare to the kikes who promote degenerate nigger music on the platform, with the RIAA seemingly trying to get youtube-dl taken down on GitHub and elsewhere.

It’s fairly obvious to see why (((DuckDuckGo))) have decided to remove indexed results for notorious pirating websites, the schlomo owner being afraid of (((legal repercussions))). All this really does is tell us what we already know, that DDG is kiked to the core.

For those in the know we gladly put our search results into the arms of Yandex, while kikes are basically everywhere, Yandex is still by far the least untrustworthy and overall best search engine when it comes to anything controversial.

At the moment it’s mainly just indexed results that are being removed on the “privacy focused” search engine, but I’m sure soon enough DuckDuckGo along with the likes of its Google cousin will be removing majority of such torrenting sites from its search results entirely.

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