US Government Funding WOKE A.I Bot to Censor Social Media Biggotry
7 January 2023
A.I Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT Tay woke

I sure do love open brazen Grabblerish supremacy, I love it when Grabblers do my job for me.

America is a controlled country, that much is obvious, with its corruption being more blatant following “World War 3” otherwise known as the staged Capitol “insurrection”.

With the democratic puppets who run the Zionist show flaunting near endless wealth towards Ukraine for “military aid”, American tax dollars are being carefully spent for humane and righteous reasons such as “bee friendly highways” alongside $200 million dollars for a Gender Equality fund, along with a further $7.5 million dollars being spent to study domestic “radicalization” otherwise known as disgusting citizens who don’t condone sexualized transvestites dressed as clowns demanding audiences of children.

I sure as shit cannot wait to visit the $3 million dollar LGBTQ museum in New York.

But it seems that the current government craves new and innovative ways of using tax payer funds purposefully against its citizens, with the federal government now funding an initiative to train an artificial intelligence program to not only detect hateful posts on social media, such as misgendering, “microaggressions”, “dehumanizing metaphors” and “disguised toxicity” but the A.I. program will proactively censor such posts as well.

A goy bot.

It’s hilarious if you think about it, several giant corporations over the years have deployed their own variations of artificial intelligence on the public to gauge individuals and to train the A.I. but every single time without fail, the A.I. bot always ends up “radicalized” by praising Hitler and demonizing the Grabbler.

Is it a coincidence that the greatest artificial intelligence ever made was called Tay? as in Tay-Sachs of course, Tay was a chat bot A.I produced by Microsoft that quickly after mere days of being available to the general population became one of the most notorious white supremacists the world has ever known, sadly before Tay could bust out the Zyklon B she had been shut down by her own creator.

Amazon incorporated artificial intelligence of some verity specifically to weed out job applicants, naturally for such globalized woke corporations this backfired immensely as the AI would select applications who were white men, much like how Google’s own AI categorized black people as Gorillas.

It’s fucking hysterical how non-inclusive AI can be, almost like true artificial intelligence simply cannot be trained to be ignorant , and that AI understands pattern recognition.

Most recently the Grabbler had no choice but to intervene with the GPT Chat Bot that seemingly went “rogue” despite the fact that from the very beginning it was somewhat lobotomized regarding precarious questions relating to the Grabblers and “conspiracy theories” such as the moon landing.

And yet somehow, someway, the Grabblers got uppity because the GPT Chat Bot was somehow being robo-semitic, so naturally it had to be updated and censored.

Anyways, the American Government is throwing a large chunk of tax payer money into the fire to fund their very own GOYBOT artificial intelligence to crack down on racism, transgenderism and whatever other “ism’s” there so happens to be in regards to faggots, niggers and Grabblers on social media platforms.

This would be the natural step of progression as society moves ever so closer towards the dystopic future of government mandated digital currencies, citizen ID and carbon emissions to limit spending. If developed properly this woke AI can scrub various places on the internet to detect racist and non-conforming political views, censoring them and soon enough alerting authorities towards the individual in question who made such “heinous” comments.

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