Ukrainian Authorities Discover “World’s Largest Sony PlayStation 4 LAN Party” (3800+ PS4 Consoles Used for Crypto Mining)
11 July 2021

I thought exclusives sold the PS4?

Cryptocurrency mining is a very lucrative business, ASIC miners are your best bet though individual units cost an arm and a leg this is generally why most mining operations hoard up with graphics cards whether new or old because seemingly these individuals are able to obtain what seems to be entire shipments of graphics cards that otherwise would’ve ended up on retail for perhaps more miners to purchase.

However in the case of Ukraine, when your president happens to be no more than an old time actor / comedian it would seem that Ukrainians otherwise must resort to rather obscene lengths of desperation in order to partake in cryptocurrency mining….

And that brings us to the Soyny PlagueStation 4.

Released over seven years ago the Sony PlayStation 4 is a rather overlooked tool for the job considering that they’re extremely cheap to obtain in today’s climate especially since the system itself has been jailbroken on quite recent firmware it’s entirely possibly to retool the wannabe PC to work with other applications…. such as cryptocurrency mining.

The Security Service of Ukraine or SSU recently uncovered a large scale cryptocurrency mining operation within the city of Vinnytsia that consisted of more than 3800 game consoles which from the horrible quality photos looks to consist of primarily PlayStation systems such as the PS3 and PS4 and most likely PS4 Pro units as well.

But the mining farm also consisted of more than 500 graphics cards, 50 processors along with notebooks, phones and flash drives. Now while consoles are generally quite efficient on their lonesome when it comes to cryptocurrency mining I’m afraid they are quite possibly the worst hardware imaginable for such a task but if you can acquire over 3800 individual consoles for dirt cheap then who really gives a shit.

But sadly their inefficiency is actually what led the entire operation to be discovered as the combined systems were drawing so much power that the authorities noticed, even after the attempts that the miners conducted to using fake meters to hide power consumption.

It really has me flabbergast at the sheer desperation the individual or individuals involved in such a mining farm had in order to purchase and setup quite possibly what would be considered the world’s largest LAN party to use consoles in order to mine cryptocurrency. Because it isn’t as if the PS4 is actually going to provide you with adequate profitability considering it only offers a shitty Jaguar CPU, 8GB of GDRR5 memory providing 18 CU’s of GCN power with just 176 GB/s of bandwidth or at least with the PS4 Pro that’s bumped up to 217 GB/s with its 36 CU graphics card which is still out shadowed by an RX 470.

However despite such desperate attempts they certainly have my respect for seemingly pulling through with their plans of converting Soyny PlayStation consoles into mining machines, I just wish I could’ve brought my own PS4 to the party.

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