Tru Or Die: Chiraq – A Chicongo MMO for Real Niggaz
18 May 2022
MMORPG Niggers PC Gaming Tru Or Die: Chiraq

Forget Scam Citizen, a real nigga visionary has come up with an alternative to transcend MMO RPG’s with accurate real life portrayal of everyday life in America.

Introducing “Tru Or Die: Chiraq”, a game made by niggers, for niggers, about niggers.

Tru Or Die: Chiraq is described as a MMO RPG “Survival Hood Game” that accurately represents city life in Chicago or Detroit.

Fo’ real nigga, the name of da game with Tru Or Die: Chiraq is all ’bout dat paper. How ya gonna get dem dollarz tho, fool?

Tru Or Die be featuring many ways for a kang to make their way up in da world as they be fighting against evil whitey society.

Drugs, Guns, Sex or staight up robbing mo’fuckas.

If the hustle and bustle of normal Chicago life don’t strike you fancy, probably because you’re white, you can work normal jobs like manning the local petrol station, only to be robbed by niggaz on the reg, or you can become a cop so you can fulfil your fantasies of being Derek Chauvin, or putting those “ethnic youths” behind bars.

Tru Or Die is advertised as featuring customizable clothing, with real gold chainz so every nigga can represent, a policing system to crack down on all the drug / black market dealings that be goin’ on in Chiraq.

But the best of all would have to be the high-tech LOOTING system featured in Tru Or Die: Chiraq.

Everything you got on you is lootable after death, you gotta store that shit away in your bungalow crib.

But of course it just ain’t “da hood” if it’s just ordinary hood rats getting dem reparations ‘n sheet, oh no. Tru Or Die: Chiraq is all about gang warfare, you a Blood or Crip homie?

There’s no rules in Chiraq, which hopefully means white enforcers can finally clean up the hood of these niggers, albeit virtually.

Bullshit aside, Tru Or Die: Chiraq is an over ambitious project, given that it’s made by niggers for niggers naturally the gameplay itself looks like total fucking garbage, both mechanically and visually.

Originally conceived on Kickstarter having failed to reach their goal with only 94 niggaz backing the project.

Tru or Die in my eyes seems to be one of those scam projects to steal EBT funds from gullible negros, the game itself hasn’t progressed much at all over the last 12 months apart from its recent Steam Store listing because of course something of this nature would be approved for listing.

But of course it’s marked as “coming soon” to a hood near you.

All the better is that if you wish to stay “true”, you first have to head on over to their totally non-malicious and well designed website and register.

You can instead take a gander towards the proud melanin magicians behind this illustrious project, and of course the only “social” links tied to the developers is Instagram.

Tru Or Die: Chiraq is a prolific nigger fantasy, that probably won’t actually go anywhere, to say that it’s a shoddy knockoff would be an overstatement, but at least it’s being made using Unreal Engine 4 so of course John from DSO Gaming would give it his seal of approval.

I’ve signed up for this marvelous game just for the sake of doing so, if TOD: Chiraq does become a reality I sure don’t want to miss out on all the fun of senselessly slaughtering what few retarded niggers actually consider this pile of shit to be a game.

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