This Mod Adds AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) to GTA V (And Improves Visual Quality)
1 July 2021
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Open source truly is king, and with that marks the death sentence for NVIDIA’s DLSS technology.

Now I among many have been relatively pleased but also somewhat disappointed with the introduction of AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution or FSR for short. As an individual who simply cannot function without acting superior over others I think the introduction of FSR is a great thing as it means more “peasants” get to enjoy the marvels of upscaling which benefits the longevity of entry level componentry and how you can brag that your mid-range graphics card performs better in a specific game title than the competition’s flagship.

Oh the joys of retarded internet battles regarding mundane electronics, however I’ve been rather disappointed in the supported titles that launched with FidelityFX Super Resolution with such games as Godfall, Terminator Resistance, Rift Breaker and Anno 1800 being mostly obscure and generally underwhelming titles.

There’s just no excitement here if one out of the current seven supported FSR titles happens to be “22 Racing Series” which is a game with probably as much effort put into it as the title would suggest.

However all innovative technology and features tend to get off to a rough start and with FidelityFX Super Resolution paving the way being an open source alterative to the likes of DLSS we can pretty much guarantee that support is eventually coming to actual “good” games at least eventually…. certainly FSR will have a faster adoption rate than NVIDIA has had with DLSS as FidelityFX Super Resolution will soon be a stablemate for GPUOpen sometime during July.

But it seems already people are taking the open source FidelityFX Super Resolution and already applying it to benefit games such as Grand Theft Auto V.

A YouTuber who goes by “NarutoUA” uploaded a video of comparative gameplay featuring his very own mod in action which replaces the original upscaling method within GTA V with that of FidelityFx Super Resolution with the graphical results being without a doubt a very positive improvement over the standard option.

With the video provided by NarutoUA it showcases the obvious graphical differences from the inclusion of FSR on GTA V by utilizing the game’s frame scaling mode with lowers the render resolution of 3D objects from Naruto’s native resolution of 2560×1440.

From the very beginning of the video you’re able to see the visual improvements that the FidelityFx Super Resolution mod has made from its “performance” setting at a frame scale of 0.5x which practically means the game itself is being rendered at 720p and upscaled to his native resolution of 1440p.

Comparative screenshots curtesy of NarutoUA can be viewed showcasing the visual difference between a proper native 1440p image versus that of the “presets” or rather different frame scaling options utilizing the FidelityFx Super Resolution mod.

[twenty20 img1=”4874″ img2=”4873″ offset=”0.5″ before=”1440p Native” after=”FSR Ultra Quality (0.883x Render Resolution)”]

But of course compared to a native image the visual clarity of the FSR just isn’t up to snuff, but the primary purpose of the FSR mod was to replace the current upscale method when utilizing frame scaling so we’ll be more focused on that because that’s the real game changer here.

[twenty20 img1=”4880″ img2=”4881″ offset=”0.5″ before=”FSR Disabled (0.5x Frame Scaling)” after=”FSR Enabled”]

[twenty20 img1=”4885″ img2=”4884″ offset=”0.5″ before=”FSR Enabled” after=”FSR Disabled (0.5x frame scaling)”]

With the visual comparisons between FSR and the standard upscaling from GTA V’s frame scaling mode at 0.5X resolution it’s pretty damn obvious to mention that with FSR enabled it’s providing a noticeably sharper image compared to what’s arguably a blur fest which is understandable considering that the game is rendered at 720p and upscaled to 1440p, with FSR enabled it provides a more sharper, clearer image compared to standard upscaling.

Bumping things up to FSR “Quality” which is represented with a frame scale setting  of 0.75x which is now an upscale of 1080p to 1440p and we see much of the same results with the FSR mod outright providing a much clearer and more sharp crisp image on everything from the foreground to foliage to the character model of Michael De Santa.

[twenty20 img1=”4888″ img2=”4889″ width=”100%” offset=”0.5″ before=”FSR Enabled” after=”FSR Disabled (0.75x frame scaling)”]

And the last image comparison is also from a 1920×1080 upscale to 2560×1440 with a 0.75x frame scale setting. Just as the image above with the FSR mod active it provides a noticably sharper image with better and more distinguishable detailing on the road texture along with the car models present on the screen.

[twenty20 img1=”4891″ img2=”4892″ offset=”0.5″ before=”FSR Disabled (0.75x frame scaling)” after=”FSR Enabled”]

It should be noted that there’s absolutely zero performance hit with the FSR mod comparable to that of standard frame scaling which is great to see, though as depicted from the very first comparison between 1440p native quality and FSR “Ultra Quality” which functions from a 0.883x frame scale which is realistically an upscale from 2260×1271 yet if you’re able to see the teeny tiny performance figure in the top left you’ll find that with FSR Ultra Quality enabled it improved the performance by 13.76% which can be quite substantial depending on your level of hardware for a slight hit to the graphical quality.

I’ve always stood by the fact that ray tracing in video games is a massive fucking joke in its current form, the volume of supported titles just still isn’t there many years on from the release of the RTX 2000 series and despite that the performance of enabling ray tracing regardless of whether you own Radeon RX or RTX Ampere it’s still just fucking abysmal.

But it’s the open source wizardry that is RTGI or “Ray Trace Global Illumination” Shaders curtesy of Pascal Gilcher used in combination with the ReShade tool that brings “ray tracing” to thousands of titles from Need for Speed Underground 2 to even GTA V and it’ll work on older generation hardware such as RDNA 1 and prior or GTX Pascal if that’s your sort of thing.

Performance hits when using RTGI are to be expected but considering you’re able to enhance from an assort of titles with a positive graphical uplift depending on the circumstances of hardware and game choice the performance hit might not even be enough to even scoff at.

But aside from that NarutoUA has gone and implemented AMD FidelityFx Super Resolution as a mod replacement for the standard frame scaling method featuring in GTA V so what’s to say that other individuals certainly can’t do the same sort of thing among other titles? Much like RTGI this is just open source at its finest, improving visual quality for individuals who probably don’t have a choice but to use render scaling in titles such as GTA V.

While it may not precisely benefit individuals with modern systems (graphically at least) the performance benefits from a minor loss to graphical detail and clarity might be what helps boost performance figures to one’s liking…. aside from just lowering other in-game settings I suppose.

With GTA V seeing a massive resurgence in players (or viewers…) thanks to surge in popularity with the FiveM multiplayer mod, perhaps individuals with lower spec’d older generation hardware can perhaps use this FSR mod to provide increased visual clarity with no performance loss.

You’re able to download the FSR (FidelityFx Super Resolution) mod for GTA V over on the corresponding GTA V FSR GitHub page. 

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