This 14.3KB Mod For Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered Removes Gay Pride Flags
16 August 2022
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Did you like that headline? I worked really hard on it, just as I’m sure John from DSOG works really hard on his reddit-esk content.

That aside, nobody wants faggotry in their video games, nobody, so naturally when people bare witness the pride flags that lace the crime laced (((New York City))) in the recently release Marvels Spider-Man Remastered for the PC.

One of the first actual game mods released was in fact to remove said flags and replace them with more appropriate American flags instead.

But the goyim didn’t like that, the allegedly based “Niche Gaymer” citing the mod as being one of the biggest wastes of time, and it sure as shit didn’t take long for the mod to be criticized and purged across the game mod platforms it had been uploaded to.

Speaking of Niche Gaymer, I sure do love it when they replace entire articles that promote and advocate for faggotry, with their original article about this particular matter being subverted entirely from the hands of (((Tyler Valle))) to another writer, Brandon Orselli who cleansed it of projected faggotry.

The mod in question is called the Non-Newtonian New York mod, and was subsequently uploaded to and removed from such prominent websites such as GameBanana and NexusMods (Archive)

Obviously, the quick reaction from GameBanana and Nexus aren’t shocking, considering how both platforms have steadily becoming a woke cesspit, we’ve already had a recent incident with GameBanana specifically removing a “Nazi Outfit” mod for King of Fighters XV, with the website staff making amends by citing they will be more inclusive moving forward.

Unsurprisingly the mod was removed for being “homophobic” for simply replacing flags in-game, that’s how far these sorts of “communities” have fallen.

I don’t suppose the faggots who kvetched over this mundane modification for this soy-laced game have ever heard of the Streisand Effect, because with several high notoriety Jewish media publications posting about how the Non-Newtonian New York mod had been banned (and criticizing it), all they’ve really done is highlight the mod and create demand for individuals to seek out and download it for themselves, simply out of spite.

In which case I’m more than happy to oblige, for those who’ve actually pirated Marvel’s Spider-Man, you’re able to download a reupload of the Non-Newtonian New York mod here, of if you’d prefer MEGA and MediaFire instead.

[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”400″]

Other mods that have been demonized by game mods platforms for removing disgusting faggotry across games such as CyberPozz, Skyrim, Elden Ring and more can be found HERE.

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