“The Translation is Not For You” – Katrina Leonoudakis Once Again Pushing Bastardized Anime Localization
21 January 2023
Anime Censorship Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta Katrina Leonoudakis localization My Life as Inukai-san's Dog subtitle Translation


These overly emotional manipulated simply cannot be trusted, if given free reign, rights and freedom they will abuse their privilege and demand additional rights while demeaning those of the opposite sex, if women are given rights it’s inevitable that they will eventually lead to the destruction of society as a whole.

Just as they did with the Roman Empire.

However I can’t quite think of many women who are more deserving of being “culturally enriched” by black and or mudslime migrants than Katrina Leonoudakis.

Fat Ugly Cunt.

This desolate fucking whore is notorious for butchering the localization of Japanese media, pushing her own agenda for countless years and yet she still manages to secure job after job “translating” anime and more for the worst.

Her most recent addition comes from the recently released Persona games on XBOX, PlayStation and PC.

But like a fly that sticks to shit, Katrina is not far from controversy when it comes to her ludicrous translations, with her some how managing to secure the position of localizing “Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta” or “My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog“.

White Women ____ ____

The anime in question has already been regarded as controversial by the usual suspects of pedophilic naysayers and closet child abusers, citing how the ecchi series that depicts a man being reincarnated as a teenage girl’s pet pooch is derogatory, sexist and of course “LITERALLY CHILD ABUSE”.

Because it has boobs, boobs are bad in this day and age, didn’t you know?

From the very announcement of the erotic manga receiving an anime adaptation, Katrina was really ahead of the game in trying to weasel her way into translating the anime for western audiences, probably considering how she knew of the eventual controversy that would surround the series as there’s always one or two overtly sexual seasonal anime that gets put under the flame for being “pedophilic”.

Typical industry practice, hiring the individuals who boldly proclaim how much they hate the source material that they “really” want to work on, just so they can go out of their way to make retarded changes unnecessarily out of pure spite.

However Inu ni Nattara Suki na Hito ni Hirowareta is a bit different, there’s a lot of sexualization of the female characters who really love dogs, I can’t quite understand why liberal faggots are outraged over it because I was always under the impression that these rampaging wahmen were into fucking animals.

Just like Interspecies Reviewers, which mind you is another anime that Katrina has lolcow-ized.

Anyways, My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog is only three episodes into its seasonal airing and already it is more than apparent that Katrina and other localization faggotonis have gone above and beyond pushing cringe worthy western lingo into its translation and undoubtedly pissing people off in the process.

Katrina is well known for inserting garbage westoid language into anime translations, never forget the time she kept pushing the term big brudder” in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.

However for her latest stunt Katrina has gone above and beyond, inserting lines such as “eye bleach”, “yeeted”, “all up in her”, “Gyaru” and “resting bitch face” into her translations for My Life as Inukai-san’s Dog.

Mind you this isn’t the first time she has been pushing retarded English lingo into anime subtitles.

Instead taking to twitter seemingly to brag about its own piss poor work for an erotic anime that sexualizes women and dogs because that’s as good as any excuse to simply write off doing a proper job because the material in question is problematic.

Meanwhile the Twitter account “Bad Anime TLs” has been hard at work correcting or at the very least highlighting just how far Katrina just so happens to be off from the source material for this particular anime in question.

The inaccuracy is baffling, this godforsaken landwhale has been purposefully asserting itself as being one of the most notorious WOKE localizers in the entire industry, she obviously has a vendetta against Japanese media and fans of said media, she has a large following of faggot trannime simps while she deservingly has a larger amount of people whom hate her guts.

Katrina’s twitter is a cesspit of faggotry, she like many other liberal faggots seemingly cannot life away from the platform, she is a queen and her translations are always hip cool and perfection. If you disagree then clearly you’re the problem, everyone I don’t like is literally Hitler.

She’s gone out of her way to insult anime fans who question her distasteful and INCORRECT translations, citing them to be not the “target audience” for HER anime.

The very same faggot that’ll gladly pass off her shitty translations as being “intentionally done poorly” on a series to damage the audiences experience on purpose just to throw a Twitter tantrum over being credited by SEGA for its work on the Persona ports after given her marching orders before the job was completed.

Localization was a mistake, anime is the most popular now than it has ever been, the genre is being hijacked by western companies such as CD Projekt Red to shit out media for its faggotized IP and receive critical acclaim, boosting game sales in the process.

Majority of modern anime for the past several years have been aesthetically-challenged, resembling copy and paste visual designs more than anything else, especially with a lot of western influence which is where the money is, anime now is merely just an art style rather than it being its own niche genre.

Localization was a mistake, faggots such as Katrina Leonoudakis deserve far worse than to be blacklisted from the industry, far worse than to simply be doxxed, these sorts of faggots aught to be sent off to the gallows for a public beheading for all they’ve done to purposefully tarnish media, pushing their own agenda for an audience of herself and westoid faggots entirely.

Failure is the new success, that’s of course of the absolute “hit” of a HBO series “Velma” is anything to go by, being bad at your job be it receptively and commercially means you’re destined for even greater heights, how this fucking whore managed to secure a small tenure translating for SEGA I haven’t the slightest fucking clue, but thankfully they were eventually smart enough to give her the boot.

She’s a freelancer who leeches off whichever company will give them a morsel of blood to feast upon, especially with streaming essentially under the control of Crunchyroll which is owned by Sony nothing’s ever going to change, in fact it’s bound to get worse.

At least until Katrina mistakenly happens to encounter one of the fine black members of American society on the streets before promptly being raped and eventually murdered, only then may things start to look up a big but that’s probably far too generous for her.

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