Techland Once Again Delays Dying Light 2 for a Third Time – Release Date Moved to February 4 2022
15 September 2021
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It has been quite the rocky road for Techland, developers of Dead Island (Riptide) and most recently Dying Light following their split with prior publishers Deep Silver.

Dying Light for the most part was a critical success with fans eagerly awaiting its sequel following its announcement made during E3 2018, with its initial release planned for early 2020 which soon spiraled out of control as Techland subsequently announced the delay of Dying Light 2: Stay Human with no actual concept of release date at that time.

The following year things looked to be on the up as in May of this year Techland graced us with a gameplay trailer for the awaited sequel with a proposed release date set for December 7th 2021.

But yet again Techland seemingly have more diversity to inject or some other bullshit at the last minute as they’ve formally announced the third delay for Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

Techland, through the official Dying Light twitter account shared a formal announcement made by CEO, Pawel Marchewka revealing to fans that Dying Light 2 had been once again delayed with the new release date being set for February 4th 2022.

Honestly, with the game being delayed for a total of two years at first the game itself looked a little exciting, following the first game which in my point of view was tolerable. The gameplay being the best feature that Dying Light had to offer however the story was quite boring, Dead Island was better in that regards.

Whereas Dying Light 2 from its recent gameplay trailer looks to be more of the exact same, where core gameplay mechanics will be its main appeal where I’m sure that shit like story and diversity will be its main weakness, and I really do not like the presentation of its parkour mechanic seen from the trailer.

The game has been delayed for what will be a total of two years in a few short months, of which case it’s pretty evident that cracks are showing in the final product as Techland goes through minor developmental hell with Dying Light 2: Stay Human.


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