Tech Urinalists Hilariously Promote Malicious “NVIDIA LHR Unlocker”
24 February 2022
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Have you ever heard of the saying, if something is too good to be true it’s probably a sham?

Clearly not to the degenerate cesspit of Tech Journalism with publications such as Videocardz, Tom’s Hardware, WCCF and PC Gaymer have all jumped on the bandwagon to promote a supposed software utility that seemingly came into existence out of nowhere.

The “LHR Unlocker” states that it could potentially completely modify the BIOS of your NVIDIA RTX “LHR” graphics card to bypass the cryptocurrency mining restrictions entirely so that owners would be able to reap greater rewards.

What those who’ve undoubtedly been suckered into downloading this thanks to endless urinalism was nothing short of just malware.

Because common sense always prevails, and it was quite obvious too might I just add. The “LHR Unlocker” seemingly phased into existence out of nowhere, while not actually “released” imbeciles were encouraged to download an “early access” version of the software.

Cryptocurrency mining is a lucrative business, not just for investors or miners entirely but also individuals providing performance optimization, such people will offer services of optimizing the effective hash rate of a given machine by tuning it in a way to maximize performance and also efficiency granting higher profits overall.

And of course such services DO NOT come cheap, the likelihood of someone seemingly dropping a way to negate your Lite Hash-Rate NVIDIA GPUs and NOT demanding payment is probably improbable, specifically when catering to flashing ones BIOS for aforementioned NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards.

Why do I say this? Well, unlike the case where a simple BIOS flash could send a typical Radeon RX 5700 XT upwards of 59 MH/s from ~50, NVIDIA graphics cards since GTX Pascal which released six years ago NVIDIA GPU’s come with “Falcon” an embedded micro-controller that has made it impossible for consumers to actually flash or modify the GPU’s BIOS.

Especially once getting into the way of RTX Turing and most recently Ampere, nobody has cracked either in any significant way allowing for individuals to modify or flash their BIOS, this is of course probably why “shunt modding” has surged in popularity with equally retarded cucks such as Der8auer recommending one smear “liquid metal” thermal paste on your GPU’s shunt resistors in order to allow the graphics card to draw more power than what it actually thinks it’s taking in.

Just don’t complain if the shunt resistors fall off the PCB rendering your GPU an expensive brick.

Now in all honestly this entire situation just makes me die with laughter, this barbaric bullshit utility comes out of nowhere promising what’s not actually possible preying upon cryptocurrency miners and simple-minded individuals who partake in mining to perhaps recoup the added costs of buying their RTX GPU well above MSRP.

The hilarity only intensifies as these spineless hack urinalists are more than happy to copy-paste articles about this “LHR Unlocker” utility without of course taking logic into consideration before promoting such an obvious scam across their technologically illiterate userbase who some have most certainly been infected by journalistic incompetence.

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