World Economic Forum

WEF Shill Elon Musk to Transform Twitter With Digital ID Requirements

When it comes to Elon Musk in my eyes he reminds me of Donald Trump a lot, with Elon in the past saying all the right things such as questioning (((who))) owns the media, and calling out conspiracies so retards believe him to be “based” Donald Trump or rather Senior Jew Jew Cum on the […]

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Mastercard, Doconomy and the (((World Economic Forum))) Introduce “Carbon Footprint” Restrictive Credit Cards

Are you excited for the near future of a Chinese social credit system? I sure am. Mastercard has partnered up with Doconomy on behest of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations by unveiling a new form of credit card that measures the environmental impact or “carbon footprint” of each and every purchase. What […]

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