Windows 11

Does Auto HDR Truly Enhance Your Gaming Experience? 24+ Games Compared

Yes, yes it does. But before I elaborate any further regarding why “Auto HDR” is quite amazing at enhancing video games, while I poorly attempt to excuse the cancerous plague that is Windows 11, firstly we have to start with the basics. What the fuck is “Auto HDR” ? High Dynamic Range is simply fucking […]

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Optimized For big.LITTLE But Not for MCM? – AMD Ryzen Processors Face up to 15% Performance Hit on Windows 11 OS – Patch Imminent

Oy vey. By now you probably already know that Microsoft have released its new Windows 11 operating system and consumer reception of the new OS is about as expected really in the sense that Windows 11 is a buggy, broken and perhaps slow operating system. Which is understandable considering that Microsoft seemingly have been incapable […]

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Windows 11 VS. Windows 10 Performance Comparison – W10 + Superlite vs W11

So Windows 11 got leaked ahead of its rumored reveal on June 24th. And as expected all the usual faggot JewTubers have rushed in with their own verdict primarily regarding the UI and other aspects of the new operating system. I mean it was kinda expected to be honest, with Microsoft falling back on their […]

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