OnlyFans Becomes NotForFans as the Company Plans to Ban Sexually Explicit Content Starting October

Hooray for capitalism! Allow me to be the first to say that sex work, isn’t real work, nor is it at all empowering for wahmen to prance around like dirty fucking whores milking the pockets dry of their liberal coomer fanbase. Much like how Patreon decided it was of its best interest to begin purging […]

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Twitch Simp Moderators Get Even More Cucked – Bans “PogChamp” Emote Over Political Bullshit and “Inciting Violence”

Over the last few years Twitch has gone from a game streaming platform to a degenerate cesspit full of whores, thots and sluts. Especially after being bought out by Amazon however it would seem that Twitch and its faggot simp moderators have gone all out for “gender equality” by terminating horrible men for breaching their […]

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