Virtual Reality

Resident Evil 4 VR Plagued with Censorship of Flirtatious and Problematic Dialogue

No way fag. So the rumors of Crapcom shitting out a woke and pozzed filled reboot of the oh so beloved Resident Evil 4 has seemingly gone down the toilet with the aforementioned announcement of Resident Evil 4 VR. You guessed it, Capcom has released the same game yet again with no actual changes exclusive […]

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SUPERHOT VR Developers Cuck Hard; Censor Game, Removing Self-Harm Scenes for Special Snowflakes.

Superhot VR is a FPS game that released all the way back in 2017 on Steam at the very dawn of the push for VR headsets which at the time were the next “big” thing in video gaming technology. In two parts of the game, you’re expected to shoot yourself in the head with the […]

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