AMDisappointing CES 2022 Presentation

A brand new entry level graphics card, Zen 3D(isappointment), Cancer BGA mobile trash and a sneak peak at Zen 4 for 2H 2022? AMD’s CES 2022 coverage is literally packed with goodness, at least at first glance that is and yet somehow in typical AMD fashion they somehow manage to turn all of that upside […]

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AMD Gets 💪STACKED💪 With 3D V-Cache Technology – SRAM Cache 3D Die Stacking – Functional Ryzen 5900X Based Prototype Brings >12% Performance Benefits – EOY Production

Is AMD CEO, Lisa Su natty or not? Well that I’m not quite so sure about anymore considering she has just announced the biggest technological steroid shot imaginable for AMD Ryzen processors moving forward. In what has to be without a doubt to be the biggest shock announcement during Computex 2021 entirely, AMD CEO Lisa […]

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