Tower of Fantasy

Chinese Gacha Trash “Goddess of Victory: NIKKE” Introduces Censorship for Laowai Regions

Generally speaking, Gacha games are the epitome of garbage, preying upon individuals with low testosterone with microtransactions, woeful “gameplay” and the ability to unlock new characters to gawk at. Chinese games are horrible, Genshin Impact is by far the best thing to come from the region and it is the STAPLE of gacha trash and […]

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Tower of Fantasy Caught Plagiarizing Fate/Grand Order Saint Quartz

The words “copyright infringement” clearly don’t have a direct translation into mandarin. Tower of Fantasy is another shitty generic gacha game, similarly to Genshin Impact, of which Tower of Fantasy hopes to capitalize upon Genshin’s success of which has generated billions of dollars. Developed by the Chinese company, Perfect World, the very same Chinese company […]

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