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Rockstar Games “Expands and Enhances” Trans Tolerance in GTA V by Removing Transphobic Content

After bare witnessing the asinine pure kikery that was the “GTA+” service subscription, I didn’t think that Rockstar Games could fall much further in terms of kike / woke propagative bullshit until at least the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series which is more than likely bound to feature some woke lesbian as […]

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(((Rockstar Games))) Announces Kosher “GTA+” Subscription Service for GTA Online

April Fools came early for some with the announcement of a brand new subscription service for none other than GTA Online. No, I’m not making that up. Released back in September 2013, with each subsequential re-release of Grand Theft Auto V be it ported to next-generation consoles and PC, every time Take-Jew Interactive and subsidiary […]

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