Leaked Intel Roadmap Showcases 13th Gen “Raptor Lake” Refresh of Alder Lake

Intel Core processors are as primitive as dinosaurs apparently. A leaked Intel roadmap has surfaced showcasing desktop / mobile plans for the company leading into 2022 that features what’s presumed to be Intel’s 13th generation of Core processors dubbed “Raptor Lake”. The leaked roadmap in question comes to us curtesy of Videocardz and it has […]

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Intel Foregoes Benchmarks For Rocket Lake, Ushering in Real World “Box Marks”

Over the last few generations of Intel Core processors, particularly with the endless stream of Skylake based processors which have been getting pretty tiresome, however Intel’s marketing team seem to have put more effort in the packaging of which their processors come in than the processors within with fancy retail packaging. Usually Intel provided the […]

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Intel Ousts CEO Bob Swan – Intel Foundries Take a Bob Swan Dive – Announces Contingency Plan to Outsource Processors to TSMC Fabs Starting 2022

Intel have ousted its current CEO, Bob Swan in a shocking move. Bob Swan is to be succeeded by now former CEO of VMware, Pat Gelsinge effective from February 15th. Over the last three years, Intel have produced more CEOs than competitive products. The decision was made by Intel’s board of directors as the company […]

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