NVIDIA Doubles Price of GeForce Now – Axes Founders Membership For $9.99 “Priority Membership”

Cloud Gaming is fucking horrendous. Whether it be OnLive, Google Stadia which is dead in the water, the dead Steam Link or perhaps trash such as Soyny’s PlayStation Now and most importantly NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. Cloud Gaming always was and always will be complete and utter shit, there’s nothing to sugarcoat here. Especially with GeForce […]

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Google Sends Stadia to The Gulag – Shuts Down Games & Entertainment Development Studios

 CLOUD GAMING IS FUCKING GARBAGE. Now that I’ve gotten the obvious out of the way, Google has effectively sealed the fate for the oh so beloved Stadia platform by annexing their large scale in-house games development studio. You’ve heard that right, the company well known for creating and killing off literally every entity it has […]

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