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As Expected The GTA Trilogy is a “Definitive” Train Wreck

I never tire of being correct. Since the supposed leaks, since the announcement of the GTA Trilogy, I as well as many others knew exactly what would undoubtedly result from it. A shoddy “remaster” built specifically for the modern generation of soy-filled gaymers catering to their sensibilities. and also the console markets such as the […]

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CyberPunked v1.0.2 – Cyberpunk 2077 & Witcher 3 Source Codes Leaked Online – 700+ GB of Cancer

GOOD MORNING NIGHT CITY.   Now as you may be well aware, I absolutely love shitting on CD PROJEKT RED but more specifically their latest “masterpiece” CyberPozz 2077, which I adored so much so it sparked me to make my very first game review. Since the release of this clearly unfinished faggotry bullshit, it would […]

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