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Adobe Introduces Goymmunism By Withholding (((Pantone))) Colors Behind A Monthly Subscription

Honestly speaking, if you are NOT pirating Adobe software, first and foremost you’re retarded, secondly you deserve this. Deserve what exactly? Well, we as a society are clearly reaching levels of Judaism thought impossible as Adobe are now withholding fancy colors behind a microtransactional paywall for its Creative Cloud service. Fancy colors, locked behind a […]

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BMW Gets (((Creative))) With In-Car Microtransactions

Are you excited for an all digital future? Digitized I.D, Social Crediting systems, electric vehicles with more and more complex computering and monitoring systems, and that’s just the start of it all. Eventually, a brand new car will be nothing more than a monitoring system tailored to your identity, tracking your every movement and perhaps […]

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