Sakusei Byoutou

Nope Nope Nurses Relisted on Steam & Johren Following Licensing Issues

A few short weeks ago it was made apparent that Valve were going back to basics with their “Waifu Holocaust” policies with the removal of the localized release of “Nope Nope Nurses” published by Shiravune. However the game itself wasn’t only removed from Steam but also Johren who previously took issue with another localized release […]

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Nope Nope Nurses Removed From Johren and Steam

It’s all but official at this point but the “Waifu Holocaust” is back in full swing for 2022 and this time around it’s not just Steam who are outright rejecting / removing Japanese developed eroge but Johren once again finds itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Yet another visual novel finds itself […]

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