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EVGA Abandons Intel’s Loyalty – Teases “A New Darkness” for AMD Ryzen – Plausible X570S Dark Motherboard

Love them or hate them, EVGA are quite notorious among the DIY PC market for producing enthusiast class motherboards suited for function (Overclocking) rather than frivolous RGB lighting cancer with unique plastic trims. EVGA primarily has been the number one bitch of both Intel and NVIDIA because seemingly they only seem to produce aftermarket solutions […]

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Hardware Unboxed Finds That NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Cards Have Severe Driver Overhead Problems – CPU Bottlenecks Ahoy!

AMD + AMD makes for the only choice of true PC enthusiasts. One of the biggest JewTube hardware urinalists, Hardware Shillbox has conducted an extensive investigation into an issue that has been known among true intellectuals have has conveniently been swept under the rug. That investigation happens to be the cancerous driver overhead that plagues […]

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