GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Trailer Showcases Lazily Hashed Together Remaster With Imposed Censorship

So the time has finally come, Rockstar Games and Take Jew Interactive have finally unveiled the covers of its upcoming Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Definitive Edition by finally revealing some gameplay footage highlighting the graphical changes between the trilogy and the originals. Releasing on November 11th, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy offers higher resolution […]

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Leaked GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition PC Requirements Highlights Dumpster Fire Cash Grab From Rockstar

Remakes of video games over the past few years have followed the same mantra, money. Nothing says “expanded and enhanced” than taking older titles and giving them a fresh coat of paint whether it be with reworked textures or shoveling in cancerous lighting effects. Needless to say the execution of these endless “remasters” or “remakes” […]

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