Ratchet and Clank

NVIDIA GeForce Now Leaks Suggest Multitude of Sony Exclusives Inbound to the PC – Includes Ratchet and Clank, Ghosts of Tsushima, God of War and Gran Turismo 7

“However for our sake I truly hope that neither God of War: Ragnarok or the 2018 reboot ever step foot on the PC, because Soyny can keep their woke trash to themselves.” This is a statement that I have made just a couple of days ago and it has aged about as poorly as my […]

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Soyny PS5 Reveal Showcases Slow, Bulky Design, Digital Only Cancer Option With Barely Any Gameplay From Boring Pozzed Trash

Sony hosted “The Future of Gaming” live stream as the premier of the PlayStation 5 and “gameplay” footage of the bland and uninspiring exclusive walking simulators for the platform. Coincidentally enough those who bagged on Microsoft’s rendition of the word “gameplay” during their live event for the upcoming Xbox Series X will discover that The […]

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