Raja Koduri

GREAT JOB RAJA! – Intel ARC Alchemist DG2-512 Spotted on Geekbench OpenCL Benchmark – EMBARASSING Performance

It would seem as if Raja Koduri is cooking up another excellent curry of failure judging from leaked OpenCL performance figures on Geekbench with an engineering sample of Intel’s long awaited “DG2” graphics card. Raja Koduri a very talented individual when it comes to organizing the most outrageous “launch parties”, when it comes to architectural […]

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PR Bullshit – Intel “Wants to Ship Millions of ARC GPU’s to PC Gamers”

Intel’s latest act of bullshit PR stunts comes from a reply made by notorious party man, Raja Koduri in response to a totally non advertorial piece by PC Gamer in an “open letter” to Intel regarding how their ARC graphics cards is the last salvation for PC gamers worldwide. There’s no denying just how cancerous […]

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Intel Showcases Xe-HPG (DG2-512) GPU Featuring 4096 Cores

It’s already been well documented at this point that Intel’s DG1, their first foray into the discrete graphics card market was an utter failure. With the DG1 essentially being built utilizing the Xe-LP design which is just a funny term for saying that it’s basically the same as the integrated graphics found in Tiger Lake […]

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