Sony PlayStation Q1’22 Operating Income Down 46% as First-Party Consoles Exclusives Die Off

Sony have released their financial results for Q1 FY2022 which highlights a dramatic consoomer downtrend for video game console systems but most importantly software sales. Niggers alone can’t keep console manufacturers afloat, the “ease” of convenience rather than assembling ones own PC is mostly targeted towards soy laced gaymers who seek console exclusive titles to […]

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Intel Shares Plummet Amidst Disastrous Q2 2022 Earnings Report – Sharp CPU Sales Decline, $454 Million Loss

Intel shareholders will be happy to witness their fourth “once in a lifetime” worldwide economical event with the notorious blue kike giant, the Intel corporate having their recent quarterly report blow up in their faces. Intel released their Q2 2022 earnings report and with it comes a whole load of bad news, most notably with […]

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NVIDIA Reports Massive 106% Increase in “Gaming” Profits Due to Cryptocurrency Miners – Acts Coy Regarding Their Impact

Nvidia┬árevealed its financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2022. And god fucking blimey are these financial reports something else entirely, as the company has reported that it has achieved a 84% growth in year-over-year revenue reaching $5.66 Billion, with $2.76 Billion of that coming from their “Gaming” division or more rather the […]

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