political correctness

KADOKAWA Kneels Before ZOG With Inclusivity and Diversity Pledge

I regard the country of Japan as being the last battalion in terms of media it produces in regards to waving off the typical globohomo trends of faggotry and sodomy. But as the years tick on by with western nations succumbing to the parasitic plague of Judaism, Japan has gradually been falling in terms of […]

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Devs Remove Tabletop Simulator Global Chat to Appease Mental Midgets and Troons

I’m sure you’re probably quite familiar with the game “Tabletop Simulator”, thankfully I never bought into it however the game itself is or rather was very good at giving gamers a fun experience in playing multitudes of custom board and or card games with friends with rule bending being almost certain. However the developers behind […]

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Resident Evil 4 VR Plagued with Censorship of Flirtatious and Problematic Dialogue

No way fag. So the rumors of Crapcom shitting out a woke and pozzed filled reboot of the oh so beloved Resident Evil 4 has seemingly gone down the toilet with the aforementioned announcement of Resident Evil 4 VR. You guessed it, Capcom has released the same game yet again with no actual changes exclusive […]

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