Playstation 5

Japanese Sales of Sony Playstation 5 Fall to Disastrous Levels – PS5 Gets Outsold by XBOX Series S

You get what you fucking deserve. Sony, you know them, I fucking despise them. It’s quite difficult not to at this stage considering out of the three console manufacturers (excluding KFC), Sony or subsequently Sony Interactive Entertainment have become the definition of globalized woke pandering via means of censorship. Sony, SIE, since the launch of […]

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God of War: Ragnarok Gets Woke With Disgusting Fat Thor With “Blasian” Race Swapped Angrboda

Niggers in Norse mythology? Sure, why not. Soyny recently held its PlayStation Showcase of 2021 of which contains a verity of announcements of games for their latest PlagueStation console, the PS5. Among the trash heap that was announced happened to be the next installment of the God of War franchise following its 2018 reboot, God […]

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Sony Releases PS4 Firmware Update 8.0 – Party Chat Function Can Now Be Recorded By Users For “Moderation” #PS4UPDATE

The novelty of free speech online, especially through online voice chat functionalities has severely dwindled over years past. We’re just simply in a different era from the early days of the internet of the inception of the Xbox Live service. No longer can we simply speak our “biggoted” minds or question the (((ethics))) of society. […]

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