SHIT HITS THE FAN (Literally) as ASUS x Noctua Collaborative GeForce RTX 3070 is Pictured

So much fucking beige and brown it’s like I’ve been transported into the 70’s. Previously there were reports that ASSUS, the absolute pinnacle of overpriced gaymer trash aftermarket products and Noctua, holders of the creamy brown crown of producing quality fans for the better part of over a decade were coming together to produce what […]

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ASUS to Collaborate with Noctua to Release Overpriced GeForce RTX 30 Series Cards with Premium Cooling Solutions?

A match made in hell. ASUS are well known for releasing overpriced garbage across all fronts, simply because they’re perceived as being one of those “premium” brands so their products typically go for higher than other brands just because, especially ROG (Republic of Goyim) branded products. Noctua all well regarded for making premium, if not […]

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