Guerrilla Games Mimicking The Last of Us by (((Expanding))) Horizon Franchise with Remakes and Multiplayer Titles

Pure Unadulterated Soy(ny). When Naughty Dog revealed their plans to not only re-faggotize the franchise with a butchered remake of the original The Last of Us, dubbed “Part 1“ which of course will finally come to the PC, we all scoffed and vomited. Because you just know it’ll lead to “success” for Sony and Naughty […]

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Halo Infinite Gets Even More Laughable As It Will Launch Without Co-op Campaign or Forge Mode

Why release games that are actually complete amiright? Remember the times when one could simply purchase a game, insert a disc and simply start playing? Well those days are long since behind us as the modern video gayme is simply unfinished upon release and of course we as consumers get anally ravaged by tumor-esk day […]

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Battlefield 2042 – Futuristic F*ggotry with Soyboy Specalists – No Single Player Campaign, Launching Oct 22nd

Electronic Arts and DICE have announced the next installment to the Battlefield franchise with the unveiling of the Battlefield 2042 teaser trailer. Previous installments of the Battlefield series were met with rightful disdain as not only were the games themselves completely shit but they too followed current gayming trends of being inclusive with added diversity. […]

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