Paradox Interactive Gets #MeToo’d Just Days Following Female CEO Resignation

Women ruin everything, from entire corporations to civilization. Paradox Interactive, makers of Crusader Kings and Stellaris is under hot water, why you may ask? A brief history of Paradox Interactive would point to one particular individual, Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox. Fredrik Wester was recently reinstated to his position after initially stepping down as CEO […]

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[Archive] SJWs Dogpile Authors Who Refuse To Submit To #OwnVoices Sensitivity Readings

In the literary fiction community they’ve been attempting to gatekeep out anyone who doesn’t align to their politically correct, Cultural Marxist views. One way of getting authors to bow lock, step and sync with the narrative is to have them bring on POCkers and LGBTQIA+ people to do “sensitivity readings” to ensure that “marginalized” groups […]

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