343 Industries Removes Gender Terminology from Halo Reach (MCC) – Genders Are Now “Heavy” and “Light” Armor

With bullshit like this they’re revolutionizing the Gaylo franchise. Isn’t it truly amazing how over the years faggots infect and destroy beloved franchises across all forms of media, so much so that we as fans and consoomers eventually reach a breaking point where we actively despise said franchise and await its timely demise? Yeah, I […]

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Halo Infinite Campaign Leak Suggests Unimaginative Fanfiction

Honestly I haven’t given more than two fucks towards the Halo franchise since after Halo Reach released, with the series going straight down the shitter since the absence of Bungie with Halo 4 and so on. Well if you don’t already know there’s an ongoing multiplayer “beta” period for the upcoming Halo Infinite as of […]

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