Marvel's Spider-Man

Introducing the NATSOC MEGA FLAG PACK for Marvel’s Spider-Man

Are you sick and tired of faggots having more rights than the common man? Over the past week I’ve read so much bullshit regarding the PC release for Marvel’s Spider-Man and the endless controversy that surrounding it simply because of a single mod that removes the in-game pride flags, changing them to the American stars […]

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Sony Fangays Cope as the PlayStation Loses Yet Another Exclusive to PC

OH MY GORSH, I FRIGGEN LOVE MARVEL. Sony recently held its PlayStation “State of Play” event which essentially summarizes and reveals the latest in gayming and woke fantasies mainly for the Playstation 5 and other platforms. Many titles were announced during the event, such as the more than likely bastardized Resident Evil 4 Remake, not […]

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