Devs Remove Tabletop Simulator Global Chat to Appease Mental Midgets and Troons

I’m sure you’re probably quite familiar with the game “Tabletop Simulator”, thankfully I never bought into it however the game itself is or rather was very good at giving gamers a fun experience in playing multitudes of custom board and or card games with friends with rule bending being almost certain. However the developers behind […]

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“Gayming Awards” Aims To Subvert The Insult In The Public Mind By Celebrating The Gayness of Games

The word “Gayming” has been throw around a lot over the past couple years, mostly by individuals that have become desaturated from the gayming industry after years of boiling the frog with liberal, political and woke agendas being pushed into video games over the last decade or so. Needless to say I myself haven’t been […]

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