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Intel Inside, Imagination Outside? – Intel Discrete Graphics Iris Xe “DG1” Actually Exists in CyberPowerPC OEM Systems?

Where’s Cannon Lake you may ask? Well according to Intel they don’t even acknowledge its existence anymore. For those not in the know Cannon Lake was Intel’s way of showcasing what their 10nm process could actually accomplish, and in typical Intel fashion it sucked major ass. Piss poor yields could barely muster the ability to […]

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Intel Finally Releases a Discrete GPU… Kinda – Intel Xe DG1 Announced For OEM Desktops

Are you excited to get your hands on Raja’s masterpiece? A brand new discrete graphics card from the world’s largest chip manufacturer? Well your chance to buy Intel’s Xe graphics in discrete form certainly won’t be coming anytime soon as the company has partnered up with OEM manufacturers to both manufacture suitable aftermarket models for […]

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Is Intel’s First Discrete Graphics Card Competitive? Press X(e) to Doubt – Intel Iris Xe MAX Mobility GPU Comparable To NVIDIA MX350 in Games

Are you excited because I’m not. Intel have finally worked out the kinks in producing their very first discrete graphics card and it’s quite rubbish really. Intel’s venture into the discrete graphics market begins with the Intel Iris Xe MAX which is quite a striking name given its actual performance, and it would explain why […]

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