Discrete Intel Iris Xe “DG1” Graphics Cards Being Sold in China

Just like Cannon Lake, Intel has once again sought after the Chinese market in deposing of its failed prototype hardware. You may recall previously with Intel’s “first” attempt at a dGPU that it had managed to achieve a few AIB partnerships for its Iris Xe based “DG1” graphics card, or what’s merely an an integrated […]

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IT’S REAL(LY FUCKING SLOW) – ASUS Intel Iris Xe DG1 Discrete GPU Performance Tested from CyberPowerPC OEM System

A little while back it became apparent that Intel had actually managed to find an OEM partner to dump its Iris Xe-LP based “DG1” discrete graphics cards in the form of a CyberPowerPC pre-built system. This was discovered a little over a month ago and since then nothing really came from it, with nobody generally […]

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Intel’s Iris Xe (DG1) Failure gets Cannonlake’d – Chinese OEM (GUNNIR) Showcases Intel DG1 Design with VGA Output for OEM Systems

Remember Cannon Lake? Neither do Intel if you probably asked them. For those who don’t know Cannon Lake is basically the straw that broke Intel’s Tick-Tock mantra, being conceived as the 10nm die shrink of Kaby Lake (Skylake) however it like the 10nm process of which it was supposed to be tapped out upon was […]

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