Intel 9000 series

Intel Announces Skylake-X Refresh and 28 Core Xeon Processors

Continuing on from the previous article Intel also unveiled their new Core-X series of processors for content design workloads on a premium platform. These new Core-X processors will be apart of the Basin Falls Refresh family featuring “optimization” include: Soldered IHS for better management and overclocking (STIM) Up to 68 PCIe Lanes (44 CPU + […]

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ASUS 300-series Motherboards Receive BIOS Updates for Intel 9th Gen

ASUS have released BIOS updates for their 300-series motherboards, adding support for Intel’s upcoming 9000 series (9th gen) processor family. These BIOS updates are now available for download on the official ASUS website.   Supported motherboard models and their latest corresponding BIOS versions are listed below. Chipset Model Name BIOS version Z370 ROG MAXIMUS X […]

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